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Check out these new features: VoIP for businesses

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Take your business to the next level with VoIP for business | Varay Managed IT in El Paso & San AntonioTruth bomb: Unprofessional phone behavior has plagued the best of us. Think back to a time when an important call came in, but at just the wrong time. Or when a helpful child answered the call for you and sunk your level of professionalism (though the cuteness level might have been off the charts).

Telecommuting and our increasingly mobile work culture have made business phone calls a little tricky. Luckily there are new features you can access through VoIP for your business.

These new features can help you step up your communication game and set you free to roam without the pitfalls of basic phone service. Best of all, they can boost your professional presence from the moment you say “hello.”


Serving customers better with VoIP for your business

Digium has an impressive product and service called Switchvox. This business VoIP system gives you a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) network within your company so everyone on your team is connected and able to answer clients in a professional manner, even when out of the office.

SMBs and large corporations alike can learn a lot about their customer service with features like call reporting and logging. When you can see the big picture of how well your team is doing on answering, hold-times, and dropped calls, you can set goals to become more responsive and reachable.

Speaking of being more reachable …


It’s not personal — It’s strictly business

One of the coolest features with Switchvox is called “Find Me Follow Me.” This feature lets you customize which phone (desktop, mobile, etc.) will ring first, and for how long, or whether you want them all to ring at once, or even go straight to voicemail. So you can step away from the office and trust that your 10  a.m. call will come directly to your mobile phone with the same capabilities you enjoy at the desk.

Another useful tool you can leverage is Converged Phones, which allows you to transfer calls from one device to another and record calls. These two features also help you avoid nonemployees accidentally answering your business calls when you’re working from home. Your team can access their full business contact list and have their personal cells display your business caller ID, so personal info is kept private and your image is kept professional.

Plus, because the connection between an employee’s personal cell and the customer only exists through your business VoIP system, their connection to the customer is terminated if the employee leaves your company.


Let Varay get you started with VoIP for Business

Reinforce the consistent, polished image you want your clients to see with a VoIP system through Digium’s Switchvox. Varay will take care of the details and show you how to make the most of your new system so you can step up your customer service experience.

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