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Why SIEM helps your enterprise business exceed IT compliance requirements.

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Before you find the solution, you need to understand the problem.


This simple truth applies to compliance in a big way. The need for advancing security solutions is always on the rise for enterprise companies, particularly those facing strict compliance regulations. The larger an organization becomes, the more challenging it is to efficiently and accurately assess the cybersecurity threats it’s currently facing and those it may be vulnerable to in the future.


That’s why we highly recommend an incredibly advanced security solution called SIEM (security information event management) to enterprise clients who are required to meet strict compliance regulations, particularly government agencies and businesses in the health care industry.


What is SIEM?

SIEM (security information event management) is an advanced security solution that provides your company with detailed analytical data of the current status of your cybersecurity systems. It tracks and records every security threat (referred to as an “event”)  it has experienced over a given period.


At its core, a SIEM system is a tool that collects massive amounts of data from a variety of sources throughout your business and begins analyzing it for patterns and trends, thus becoming familiar with your system and alerting you of any potential threats or pattern deviations.


Varying green lines on a black background emulating cyber security patterns.


When you have a SIEM system in place, any suspicious traffic detected in its algorithm is sent to analysts to determine whether or not the activity is good or bad. Because of how hackers operate, automated algorithms that partner hand-in-hand with the touch of human analysis are the most effective method of detecting a cybersecurity breach before it takes place.


SIEM is not an inexpensive solution. It’s an advanced tracking and measuring software that often requires a large up-front investment due to the size and scope of an enterprise company. However, the costs of experiencing a cybersecurity attack, risking your client’s information, losing their trust, and violating compliance clauses are much more costly. The benefits of mitigating this risk of intrusion and noncompliance is well worth the cost.


We proudly use a SIEM system to consistently check our systems and alert our team to any possible vulnerabilities that could lead to attacks or compliance issues. For more information on what SIEM is and how it protects your business, check out this helpful article.


What SIEM systems should I consider?

There are many SIEM systems on the market. Here at Varay, we use a SIEM system that allows us to meet compliance requirements and cybersecurity protocols with ease, bringing peace of mind to both us and our valuable clients.


If you prefer to delegate the management of your SIEM to security professionals, here at Varay, we also offer the use of SIEM as part of our cybersecurity services. As we mentioned earlier, the success of a SIEM system depends on the professional analysis of the presented data. Our team of experts is standing by to meet that need for you and your business.


If you’re interested in learning more about how a SIEM system fits your company’s needs, we would love to hear from you. Here at Varay, our top priority is to provide you with guidance on how your business can stay competitive and compliant when it comes to cybersecurity.

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