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We Don’t Do Band-Aids

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You’re successful because you’re intentional

As a professional, you’ve no doubt realized that you can’t run into your daily grind with pure spontaneity and intuition.

Not if you want to keep your clients happy.

You’re seasoned.

You know there has to be a methodology, a trajectory, a consistent set of steps that you can count on to get you to your goals every time.

Methodology doesn’t need Band-Aids

recurring IT problem

But do you hold your IT team to the same standards of intentionality?

Unfortunately, one place we don’t see a lot of methodology behind problem solving is with “Dan in a van” IT techs.
Dan is generally a nice guy with low prices and a confident attitude.

But Dan can’t seem to tackle your stubborn recurring IT problem.

He tries a patch here, a workaround there. His solutions just aren’t strong enough.

Without a proven methodology to prevent and solve issues, Dan has no permanent answer to your recurring IT problem.

He’s just blowing through his box of Band-Aids.

Band-Aids do nothing to prevent disaster

Even if you’re able to set aside the lost work hours and frustration that result from Dan’s inability to wipe out a stubborn problem, it’s hard to look past the growing concern that Dan may not be up to the challenge of scaling with your increasingly complex needs.

And Dan’s Band-Aids certainly aren’t going to prevent or repair any level of disaster.

Work with a team that takes your needs personally

At Varay, we hate slapdash Band-Aid fixes.

In fact, we take recurring IT problems personally.

If you have a persistent issue pop up, we consider it a failure on our part — and we won’t rest until we find a solution that goes down to its very roots.

We use a consistent, proactive methodology that prevents fires before they happen. If disaster strikes, your business will have the structure and resources to come out of it like a champ.

No quick fixes: Just prevention, monitoring, and updates

The standard methodology we use not only prevents recurring IT problems, it also catches potential threats and keeps your data safe around the clock.

The end result for you is:
recurring IT problem

  • Less frustration
  • Greater productivity
  • Fewer lost hours of work
  • More profit to invest back into growing your business

Without cumbersome Band-Aids and the unpredictability of shoddy IT solutions, your team can focus on doing what they do best.

We’re here to put an end to your recurring IT issues

As your potential and needs grow, Varay is here as a trusted partner to help keep you and your business secure.
We’d like nothing more than to rip off all the Band-Aids and find the long-term solutions that will free you up for future success.

Contact us today to set up a free non-intrusive audit and gain a better understanding of your business’s strengths and needs.

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Amanda at Varay


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