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@*IT happens! When life hands you IT problems, hand them to an MSP

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It’s the middle of the holiday break.

Travis is at home with his family, enjoying some much-needed downtime. He loves his small business, but is thankful for a small break to focus on the holidays. He sits down in his favorite chair with his cat and a piping hot cup of cocoa.

The past couple of years have been tight for his business. Travis tries to save money wherever possible — and one of the things he goes without is IT support. He’s considered managed IT services (MSP) but has been getting by without any formal IT to save money. 

He’s not a tech guy, but several of his employees are pretty savvy — and they can usually manage.

That’s when he gets a call that makes him spill his hot chocolate, jump out of his chair (scaring his cat, who then scratches him) and say some words that cost him money in the “swear jar.”

It’s Charlene from the office. 

She decided to go in and finish some paperwork  —  but can’t access any of her information.

Apparently, there had been a power outage while the office was closed, and vital files were corrupted. 

All Charlene’s hard work leading up to the break: order details, tax information…gone.

Travis yells upstairs for his teenager to come to the office with him — she’s good at IT stuff! But she isn’t happy because she WAS going to hang out with her friends this afternoon. Now she has to help her dad figure out IT problems.  

Travis is upset.

Charlene is upset.

His daughter is upset.

His cat is upset.

At this rate, he’ll be able to hire managed IT services with the money in the “swear jar.”

The “No IT” approach

You can count on it; sooner or later, everyone experiences IT problems. Whether it’s network connectivity issues, data loss, ransomware, or human error— IT issues happen.

Still, like Travis, some businesses choose the “No IT” approach instead of hiring internal IT or managed IT services. It’s understandable  — IT support is another cost. And when times are tough (like they have been for so many businesses), it is tempting to be like Travis and rely on employees (or your teenager) for your IT needs.

However, this can leave your business in a vulnerable position — one that you don’t want to be in!

Don’t put all your IT needs in one basket

You’ve probably heard the expression “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” 

When it comes to valuables (like your data), it’s a good idea to have several layers of protection in case something goes awry (because, like we said…”IT” happens to everyone!). man stopping domino effect on wooden table

“No IT” IT support is like putting all your business’s eggs in one basket in several ways:

  1. It puts a lot of pressure on tech-savvy employees. What happens when your informal IT support is on vacation (or leaves for another job)?
  2. As a managed IT service provider, we know that tech support is a full-time job. IT support can be very time-consuming and frustrating, especially when that isn’t an employee’s actual position and they have other responsibilities as well! Often, when it comes to “No IT” IT, an employee has to put other vital tasks on the back burner to take care of tech support.
  3. In today’s digital world, cybersecurity must be a priority. Every business needs to be protected against cyberattack and ransomware, and when IT support is an afterthought, that usually means that a business doesn’t have strong security. And data breaches can be costly to your bottom line (and your reputation!).
  4. Quality IT (like managed IT services) ensures that a business has current equipment to meet industry needs and stay competitive. Without formal IT, a business often operates with outdated software and equipment because they aren’t aware of advances that could give their company an edge.

While “No IT” IT can seem like a way to save money, it can actually cost a bundle in the long run.

Why you need managed IT services

So, hopefully you see why the “No IT” IT support model might not be the best solution.

But what might Travis’ holiday technology mishap have looked like if his business had managed IT support?

Well, the story would have been shorter — and there would be less money in the swear jar (at least from IT problems)!

  • Charlene wouldn’t even have to go into the office (unless she wanted to) — she could access her data from her networked home computer! 
  • The power outage wouldn’t have caused data loss because all the information was backed up automatically on the Cloud
  • Travis’ MSP had implemented a Business Continuity Plan to ensure that his company’s information was safe in case of a disaster. 
  • Travis’ MSP had upgraded equipment and installed an uninterrupted power supply (UPS), so that power outages wouldn’t be a worry.

So, to sum up the story with an MSP:

Travis finished his cocoa.

Charlene completed her work.

Travis’ daughter spent the afternoon with her friends.

Travis’ cat still scratched him — but that’s what cats do.

And Travis’ data is safe! He has peace of mind knowing his MSP is looking out for him.

Sooner or later, IT issues happen!

Like we said, you can count on IT problems happening sooner or later. And they often happen at the most inconvenient times.

Whether it’s a power outage, spilled drink, phishing, or equipment failure — a quality managed IT service team can make sure you are prepared for whatever IT problems life hands you.top view office stuff with laptop

At Varay Managed IT, we proactively scan the horizons for issues — and take care of them before they become problems. We can provide the level of service that your business needs and give you the peace of mind that your IT is in the best hands.

So go ahead and finish your cup of cocoa. Your MSP has it under control.

If you’ve been wondering whether an MSP is right for your business, contact Varay today for a free assessment.



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