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V-Scale keeps your business at the top of your game in two key areas

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What a month.


What a year!


2020 has shaken us all awake (albeit rather rudely), and opened our eyes to a multitude of operational gaps in our essential business functions. Even businesses that have continued to thrive during this time have had their focus diverted from their initial 2020 to-do list onto business inefficiencies and that must be adapted sooner rather than later.

And Varay is no different! However, there’s one item on our 2020 to-do list that we’ve been working towards for years. Pandemic or no pandemic, we’ve been incredibly excited to push through the struggles of this year to bring you a new service that is needed now more than ever.


Introducing V-Scale: Varay’s infrastructure solution

We created V-Scale to smooth out operational gaps in two key areas: business continuity and scalability. And because COVID-19 has thrown the world into unexpected chaos, we are more determined than ever to bring this service to you. Why? Because V-Scale was created to free businesses up to function, thrive, and expand no matter what unforeseen circumstances hit them.


So, in response to this overwhelming need, let’s dive into the solution that Varay can provide with V-Scale.


Business Continuity:

Let’s start with business continuity, because that’s what most businesses are focusing on right now.



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The Problem

With COVID-19 closing down in-person operations, many businesses were forced to pull together remote work environments and adapt in light of new government regulations. All businesses activated a business continuity plan on the fly, whether or not they really had one in place.


Here’s what we mean by that. Everyone has had to instantly adapt to COVID-19, making massive changes to infrastructures, operations, products, and services. But, for businesses that didn’t have a clear business continuity plan in place, or one that wasn’t prepared to handle this particular kind of crisis, these operational changes were expensive, discouraging, and inefficient. Consequently, many businesses lost weeks of billable time and productivity in getting their team to work from home.


The reality is, COVID-19 hasn’t been, and won’t be, the only crisis that massively changes the operational game for businesses. Change is constant, change is coming, and it’s important that every business is empowered to handle the unexpected without damaging the core of their companies.


The Solution

That’s where V-scale comes in. With V-Scale’s innovative infrastructure as a service solution, your small-to-medium business (SMB) receives business continuity benefits so you’re not shaken by events like this. Here’s an example:


V-Scale’s services allow your company to save, store, and share sensitive company information through a secure platform. If your team has to make a sudden change and work from home, your company operations can keep flowing without compromising your cybersecurity.


However, purchasing quality cloud services is expensive, and these cloud services often come with redundant power, infrastructure, and circuit services. Who wants to waste money on stuff they won’t use? Yet if companies wanted to avoid paying for redundant services by trying to replicate cloud services themselves, it would cost six figures to imitate an efficient cloud infrastructure like AWS or Google Cloud. Most SMBs can’t justify that cost, even for the business continuity benefits it would provide.


V-Scale’s cloud infrastructure is built for SMBs, both in services and cost. With V-Scale, a sudden switch from in-person to remote operations (or vice-versa), becomes a non-event. That protects your business and your employees’ income and allows you to focus on your customers.



As we mentioned earlier, V-Scale empowers your business to thrive and expand in two key areas: business continuity and scalability. Let’s unpack how V-Scale gives your business a scalable infrastructure through its innovative approach to acquiring equipment.


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The Problem

Scaling your business up or down is not easily done when buying essential, but expensive, hardware for your office. Just as a brief example, computers have what we refer to in the IT industry as theFive-Year Life Cycle, meaning that every five years, it’s time to get a new device. That’s expensive! No matter what brand you choose to go with, purchasing new devices is an up-front, inflexible investment.


Here’s where the inflexibility factors in: If your staff shrinks or grows after you purchase new hardware, your up-front investment either loses value or continues to climb. Additionally, your new hardware has other costs tagging along, such as buying new servers, set-up and configuration costs, and training time to get your employees comfortable with their new devices.


The Solution

We saw this recurring problem as an exciting opportunity to make things easier and more cost-effective for our clients. Here’s our solution: V-Scale allows you to rent essential office hardware for your business rather than purchase it, because we believe your equipment costs can and should be flexible for meeting your business needs.


The ability to rent hardware through a subscription-based solution rather than periodically purchasing it frees up your cash flow and allows you to funnel it toward the areas of your business that really need it. It also gives you the benefit of scaling your business up or down with the click of a button rather than forking over a check with unending 0’s.


For example, if your team jumps from 100 to 200 employees, all you have to do is let us know. Before, you would need to go out and make a massive hardware expenditure. In addition to providing the equipment, V-Scale saves you additional money and time in providing set-up and configuration services.


The need for this service was already great, but our current crisis has shown us that flexibility is no longer optional. With the business continuity and scalability benefits that V-Scale provides, unexpected chaotic circumstances like COVID-19 are not problematic, because your business is flexible and adaptable.


If you want to learn more about V-Scale or how to get started with this innovative service, start a conversation with Varay today. We’re honored to partner with you and empower your business to thrive!

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Amanda at Varay


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