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Top 5 Last-Minute Tech Gifts (Thank You Amazon Prime)

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Professionals love these top 5 last minute tech giftsIt’s not that you forgot. They’re just impossibly hard to shop for. No sweat — we’ve got you covered. Here are five last-minute tech gifts that will please the picky professional in your life.

Bonus: They’re all available for fast Prime shipping from Amazon! (Varay didn’t receive any compensation for making these last-minute tech gift suggestions. We just like fun tech gifts, and we like you).


1. The iRobot Roomba 675 ($199.99)

For the busy professional (or their shark cat), this is a clever, practical gift that is compatible with the Amazon Echo. So not only does this vacuum take care of business while your gift-ee is hard at work, they can put up their feet on a well-earned day off and command Alexa to vacuum the living room. It’s good for carpet and hard floors, and pays special attention to high-traffic areas.

2. The Philips Wake Up Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock ($96.41)

You can give your hard worker the gift of a peaceful transition into wakefulness. This alarm’s gradual brightening cues the body to wake up gradually over the course of half an hour, as with a sunrise. It also uses gradually escalating sound to help the mind and body emerge ready to conquer the day. We love this for professionals who don’t take time for pampering, as it creates a pleasant, refreshing experience every morning.

3. The Tile Combo Pack ($74.99)

For the man or woman who has (and loses) everything. These handy little chips connect to keys, phones, and other easy to lose goodies. When they can’t find the lost item, the app can tell them where they left it and when. The phone ring feature calls out even if a phone is set to silent.

4. Spire Stone Stress Management and Activity Tracker ($99.99)

This tiny, discreet respiration monitor is the perfect gift for the professional seeking more mindfulness. It tracks their breathing patterns all day and gives a gentle reminder to relax when their respiration patterns indicates stress. It includes meditative exercises and tracking (much like a Fitbit).

5. Boogie Board Blackboard Writing Tablet ($39.99)

Here’s a clever gift for the environmentally conscious professional in your life. Virtual notepad technology is getting sophisticated enough that taking notes, fleshing out ideas, and making sketches are all possible without paper or expensive equipment. This writing tablet can save the images your gift-ee creates to their phone for easy access.


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