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How DNS cybersecurity protects kids (and businesses)

by | Jan 31, 2024 | All, Blogs, Kids Tech, Cybersecurity | 0 comments

How DNS Cybersecurity protects kids and business _ Varay-1Back to school time is a great time to reevaluate the safety of your family’s internet use. One tool we haven’t talked about much is a DNS filter for cybersecurity.

DNS filtering is the unsung hero of the cybersecurity world, and it has important applications both in the home and the workplace.

First, let’s talk about how a DNS filter can help keep your kids safe online. DNS cybersecurity for kids

DNS filtering is a simple, effective tool to protect your kids from content you don’t want them to access, such as pornography and violence. But it can go far beyond content filtering and also prevent access to:

  • Malicious websites
  • Downloads
  • Viruses
  • Ransomware

If you’re wondering why you would want a DNS filter if you’re already running antivirus, think of it like a wider net. Where antivirus will detect known threats when they pop up, a DNS filter can identify the types of pages where such threats hang out and prevent access to them.

DNS filtering at home is fairly simple, and there are some great options out there. Here’s a helpful guide to some of the top filters so you can find the right fit for your family.

How a DNS filter can prevent loss for your business

The power of a DNS filter goes far beyond protecting your kid’s phone. Businesses benefit in many ways from adding this layer of cybersecurity to their existing antivirus, monitoring, and security awareness training.

Protect your business with DNS cybersecurity - Varay (1)For starters, though your employees don’t need you to guard their eyes, blocking access to certain types of sites can improve productivity and prevent them from opening your network up to malware from disreputable sites.

Your business can go under investigation if your network is used for illicit activity (say an employee is involved in something shady using your business’s IP address). Though you are likely to be cleared in the end, it’s a hassle and a potential hit to your reputation.

Likewise, if your IP address falls victim to a virus, you may be identified as spam and lose your ability to email clients and prospects.

While a family DNS filtering service is pretty straightforward and simple, you’ll need a more complex solution to secure your business and employees. And Varay’s got you covered.

You can’t afford to guess about cybersecurity

Protect your business with DNS cybersecurity - VarayVaray is a partner you can trust to protect your business from threats and losses. If you’ve been leaning on antivirus software alone to keep your business secure, it’s time to take a hard look at reality.

Cybersecurity threats are far too advanced and prevalent for antivirus to handle alone. Varay’s V-Secure™ Suite has the tools (including DNS filtering) to keep you strong and safe — no matter what threats come your way.

Click here to learn more about V-Secure™, and start a conversation with Varay about creating a customized cybersecurity game plan for your business.


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