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The 4 “Ifs” You’re Experiencing Without the Benefits of Managed IT Services

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“The best things in life are actually really expensive.”


Have you heard that phrase before? Though its author remains unknown, we’re fairly certain it didn’t originate from a small business owner trying to maintain fiscal responsibility with their company budget.


Speaking from the perspective of a small-to-midsize business owner, it’s a given that our limited resources should only be spent on big dollar amounts for services that are truly worth it. Our budgets are already filled with too many items vying for attention, so we truly understand why cutting costs is common when it comes to IT services.


Why? Because quality IT management services are expensive. They just are! That’s why so many business owners search for low-cost services or just attempt to tackle IT management on their own. These two approaches are so common, it begs the question, are professional IT management services worth it?


Recently, we had the honor of publishing a case study by one of our incredible clients, Paige Fox, the Managing Director of Fox Auto Group of El Paso. , Paige and her company were pondering this same question — whether professional IT management services are truly worth their price. They found that the benefits of managed IT services were the perfect fit for Fox Auto Group.


We recognize, however, that this may not be the case for every company. That’s why we wrote this blog post: to help you determine whether professional managed IT services are worth the price for you and your company.


Here are four signs that it’s time to experience the benefits of managed IT services:


If tackling IT issues has become a significant portion of your job

Man bent over under a load of heavy boxes to symbolize having to carry the burden of IT issues.


Have you become your own IT technician? This is one of the biggest challenges business owners, company directors, and managers experience when picking low-cost IT management services or DIY IT alternatives. And unfortunately, we don’t mean that they suddenly become flooded with expert knowledge on how to navigate the complicated web of IT issues.


If your employees constantly bring IT complaints or issues to your attention, it may be time to start experiencing the benefits of managed IT services. Paige cited the frustration of being pulled away from her job to address constant IT issues as one of the biggest motivators for searching for alternative IT solutions.


If you’re like Paige, you may be experiencing this “IT technician” responsibility more so than others in leadership at your company. Now, if you find that to be the case, we recommend that you talk to your team about how the lack of a professional IT presence is pulling you away from your job. If others don’t know the pressure you’re facing, then they definitely won’t see the value of investing in managed IT services as clearly as you do.


If your company experiences consistent downtime with phones, internet and email servers

Technology is imperfect just like everything else. But businesses often give technology more slack than they should, growing comfortable with a certain percentage of outages and downtime because “it’s just normal.” We promise you, it’s really not.


Before switching to Varay, Fox Auto Group experienced a lot of downtime with their internet, phones, and email servers, which paused productivity and frustrated customers and employees alike. “For email, we were on an extremely old server with low storage, and we didn’t get all attachments that were sent to us,” Paige says. She goes on to explain how consistent internet and phone outages, coupled with outdated phone, internet, and email systems, created a slow-moving technological environment.


Here’s how Fox Auto is currently thriving through the benefits of managed IT services for their internet, phones, and email servers:


  • Eliminated internet downtime. That’s right, eliminated! “Varay monitors our internet services and can notice in advance if something is off with the server, and they fix it remotely before it becomes an issue.” Paige says. “It’s a proactive approach vs. a reactive approach!”
  • Upgraded phone system. “After upgrading our phones, we can track our inbound and outbound calls better,” Paige continues. “We have better customer service because our receptionist can see who’s on hold, which associate is available to speak with someone, etc.” Paige also mentioned that phone outages are now extremely rare and short-lived.
  • Upgraded email server. “Varay moved us over to Microsoft Outlook,” Paige explains.Now, our email integrates with apps on our phones, we can get all attachments, and we rarely have our server go down. Our associates have the flexibility to check email on their phones; it’s not limited to just their computers.”
  • Secure Share Drive. In addition to upgrading their internet, phone, and email systems, Varay implemented a secure and easy-to-use share drive to allow Fox Auto associates to effectively and safely share sensitive company information.


If you’re only sticking with your current IT management strategy because of the low price

When Paige proposed upgrading their IT management services, the rest of Fox Auto experienced sticker shock at Varay’s higher prices. It took a year (and a three-day internet outage that led to a large loss of revenue), before Fox Auto was ready to invest in higher prices and experience the benefits of managed IT services.


In no way do we want to diminish or belittle the frugality business owners need to practice in taking care of their companies! We just urge you to be wary of sticking with your current IT solutions for the sole motivation of low prices, because hidden IT problems may turn out to be more expensive in the long run.

Green light bulb with a dollar sign inside of it.


Here’s what Paige suggests for companies concerned with paying high prices:

  1. Do your due diligence to see what other businesses like yours (relative size, similar needs, and industries) pay for an IT manager or IT Management company.
  2. Do your research to see what other IT management services there are in the area and find out what they charge.
  3. Honestly assess the level of support that you need. I recommend asking Varay or the IT managers you’re considering what they think your needs are!

If your business handles sensitive customer information

As cybersecurity threats continue to evolve and adapt, cybersecurity safeguards must adapt as well. For Paige and Fox Auto, cybersecurity was a high priority because of the sensitive information the company deals with on a daily basis.


“Cloud safety, cybersecurity, really protecting our data by backing information up and preparing a risk-management strategy is what drew me to Varay,” Paige explained. “I would recommend Varay to any company, especially businesses with sensitive customer information, because they pursue risk aversion and protect your company.”


If any questions or concerns came to mind while reading about the benefits of managed IT services, we would love to listen to your needs and find the perfect IT solution for you, whether that’s with us or another professional IT Management company in the area.

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Amanda at Varay


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