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Here’s how V-Scale keeps your remote work infrastructure safe and effective

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How did you feel when you realized your business had to create a remote work environment if you wanted to continue operating during COVID-19?


I’m not talking about the initial feelings of being overwhelmed with the task itself — I’m asking what you think about remote work on its own.


Were you interested to see how it would work? Were you skeptical about its success? Did you feel a lack of control sending your team home? Or, were you curious to see if it would actually enhance your company’s operations?


Whatever your feelings were (and whether you wanted to or not), you had to create a work-from-home environment for your team to get through this crisis. But now that you’ve seen it in action, what do you think?


Remote Work: Our “New Normal”


Wood blocks spelling out “new normal.”



Here’s why I’m asking: remote work isn’t going anywhere.


In fact, it could be the way of the future. Even though parts of Texas are beginning to re-open, even when we do return to work, things won’t be “business as usual.” For the foreseeable future, any in-person operations will need to implement social distancing regulations, symptom screenings, etc.


Flexibility is a benefit of remote working that could prepare your business for the future while the world continues to figure out how to get through right now.


So, because remote work environments are something we all need to contend with for a while, we here at Varay have developed a solution that streamlines your remote operations and addresses the potential hazards of remote work.


Here’s how V-Scale gives your business the benefit of remote working:


Mitigating cybersecurity risks


A work from home environment (laptop, phone, coffee, table) with overlaid cybersecurity icons.

Working from home brings a multitude of cybersecurity risks. Using personal hardware; unsecure network connections; and storing, accessing, and sharing sensitive company information are just a few common vulnerabilities that leave your company open to attack.


With V-Scale, your company rents Varay’s secure, up-to-date hardware, and we configure all hardware and software with a multitude of security enhancements that fit the unique needs of your business.


Important Notice for Current Windows 7 Users:

If your company is still using Windows 7, you will not be able to get the full benefit of remote working from V-Scale unless you upgrade. Not only has Microsoft discontinued support for this OS, but Windows 7 has many limitations that increase its cyber vulnerabilities, such as the inability to cache files offline or use secure software like SharePoint.


Streamlining network efficiency

Remote work environments are accompanied by a unique set of network challenges, and staying connected is an operational requirement. With V-Scale, Varay can configure network security measures like VPNs and RDPs so your company can stay connected without compromising security.


Data storage solutions

If your team is working off of outdated platforms like Windows 7, transferring 2 TB of data to your local PC is not a secure or efficient process. That’s why Varay uses new operating systems that allow us to securely cache your company’s sensitive files offline for home use on the devices that need them.


Additionally, for files that need to be shared remotely, Varay can provide secure file-sharing software solutions based on your company’s needs.


If you’re interested in the streamlined benefit of remote working that V-Scale provides, contact Varay today to see how this new service can meet your company’s needs.

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