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Quickbooks Online vs. Desktop: the small decision that changes everything.

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“I’ll never forget how frustrating it was to hit the wall like that.”

Here at Varay Managed IT, our priority is to streamline your IT processes so your company can run smoothly, expand quickly, and do business safely. That’s why we consistently evaluate our client’s operational processes to determine where IT can step in and make things easier.

That’s what we did with Jodie.

Jodie’s company was doing well. But the more they grew, the harder it became to access financial data from QuickBooks Desktop in order to make timely business decisions.

When we talked to Jodie about the benefits of QuickBooks Online vs. Desktop and how making the switch would improve the flow of her business through simplified access, we ran into our biggest competitors, indecision, and fear of change.

“We’re just so used to the desktop version that we could never make the change,” she said.

And, unfortunately, they didn’t.

So, why was this experience so hard for us? We’re not affiliate partners of QuickBooks Online (though it’s definitely one of our favorite cloud applications), so the switch wouldn’t have financially benefited us in any way. It was frustrating because we could see that Jodie’s operational efficiency was being obstructed by a financial system that wasn’t working for them anymore.

Wood building blocks with blue arrows that are getting stacked higher and higher to symbolize increased business efficiency.

Don’t get us wrong: we sympathize with Jodie in her fear of changing to a new platform, because there are some differences between the two applications. However, once the company adjusted to QuickBooks Online, it would have made everyone’s lives much easier, streamlining the company’s operational flow.

This is a resistance we frequently encounter when it comes to switching from on-premise to cloud applications. But when that resistance leads to companies adopting inefficient practices, that’s where we can provide guidance.

What are the pros and cons of QuickBooks Online vs. Desktop?

Maybe you’re like Jodie and looking at QuickBooks Online vs. Desktop is a daunting task. How do you know it’s worth it? Well, here’s an overview of the pros and cons of each and which companies are the right fit for each application:

QuickBooks Online: 


  • Flexibility through streamlined work-from-anywhere processes
  • User-friendly interface that ultimately saves time
  • Unlimited support
  • Easily restored company data
  • Accessible from all devices including mobile devices
  • Simpler payment structure (as all features are included for 25 users)
  • Fewer bank fees (i.e. incurring less transactional costs)
  • No additional fee for automatic & encrypted backups

QuickBooks Desktop: 


  • Calculate and rebill job costs
  • Calculate discounts by customer
  • Less expensive for less than 10 users

Switching from QuickBooks Desktop to Online? Here’s what to do:

If you’ve decided to switch to QuickBooks online after reviewing the benefits of QuickBooks Online vs. Desktop, we recommend that you check out their helpful walkthrough in making the change.

However, if you’re still struggling with the prospect of making the change, don’t hesitate to consult our IT experts for advice. We’ve helped many customers successfully smooth out this long-term transition that ultimately leads to happier employees and faster business processes. Meet for a free consultation with one of our Client Success Manager!


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