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Patrick’s Perspective: Revolutionize your clients experience through communication

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​​Technological advances are not just discoveries that make our everyday lives easier. They can mean a world of difference regarding the client experience. If you’re interested in improving your customer experience, a great place to start is not only to update your IT process but also to implement an IT strategy. What is your goal behind the tech you use for your business? How can you use it to improve your clients’ experiences? How can you use it to streamline your daily work?

These are the questions you can ask yourself as you begin to develop a strategy for your IT department. One of the best examples I can think of for using IT to improve client communications is with, of all things, an HVAC company I worked with here in El Paso. What I experienced isn’t exclusive to this company, but what impressed me was their ability to communicate. They can automatically notify their own clients of the status of a service ticket, like when a service technician is en route. Technological advances like this can markedly improve a customer’s experience since it helps them manage their expectations. Have clear goals set for your communications and find out a way to make technology accomplish those goals.

So, create a strategy that fits best with your company. But when you do, be sure to evolve it over time. Fight complacency. When it comes to strategizing for IT, you cannot get comfortable with where your company is because technology can change rapidly (we also don’t know when a life-altering global event like COVID will happen again).

Upgrading your company’s technology is a great thing to do, but it isn’t the end of the story. As you make those upgrades, truly consider what you can do to improve communication with your clients by asking yourself the questions above. When you implement your strategy, don’t become complacent. Make more changes when it’s time to do so!

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