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Password management made easy

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Go from chaos to zen with Varay’s new document sharing platform | Varay Managed IT, El Paso & San AntonioWhen Henry Ford implemented the assembly line in 1913, he was able to reduce a car’s production time from 12 hours to a mere 2.5 hours.

Efficiency is truly where we secure profits. And inefficient processes and tools — particularly in the realm of password management — could be costing you more than you think.

As much as we love security, Varay is also dedicated to helping organizations reach peak performance so they can grow and serve clients like never before.


Introducing V-Docs™ by Myglue: Password Management and more

Varay is launching V-Docs™ by MyGlue, an efficiency-boosting new tool for businesses and organizations to help you go from chaos to organized, collaborative zen.

V-Docs™ is a simple to use, navigable, and oh-so efficient tool to help you:

  • Onboard new employees with ease
  • Share standard operating procedures (SOPs) with your team
  • Create helpful checklists to keep your team on track
  • Create and store strong passwords
  • Store and collaborate on documents with your team
  • Secure your vital sata with role-based permissions, an audit trail, version history, two-factor authentication, and the highest standard of cloud software


How to know if you need V-Docs™ MyGlue

This tool is built with small-medium sized businesses in mind. Time is money, and your team members don’t need to waste 11 hours every year on the mind-numbing task of resetting passwords. Eleven times the number of employees you have means V-Docs could easily pay for itself with the first year’s productivity bump alone.

If your office is increasingly cloud-based and mobile, V-Docs™ is a perfect fit for you. The platform is accessible from Varay’s easy-to-use web app, a mobile device, or a web browser.

Though it’s flexible enough to improve organization and efficiency for just about any type of business, V-Docs™ is a real gem for those in the healthcare industry. HIPAA compliance violations can be devastating, even when they don’t result in a breach. V-Docs™ can help you stay well within compliance standards through robust security and solid password management.


Make Henry Ford proud

The father of modern efficiency would shake your hand (efficiently) if he could see the hours your team saves with V-Docs™. Varay is your trusted partner in security and streamlining, and we look forward to putting smart solutions in place for your business.

To learn more about V-Docs™ by Myglue, click here.


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