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IT makeover, MSP edition: GLOW UP while your business saves money

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Looking at a high school yearbook can be a walk down memory lane…

…and a chance to cringe at the hairstyles and fashion of the past!

From double-knit leisure suits, to huge ‘80s hair, to neon “Hammer Pants” — these keepsakes are full of looks that were fine for the time, but would likely turn heads today (for the wrong reasons)!

Although most of the people have (hopefully!) moved on from some of the more questionable fashions, if you read through the signatures inside the book cover on any yearbook, you’re likely to see some version of:

“You’re awesome. Don’t ever change.”

Because most of us wrote something like that in the yearbooks we signed!

Never change Change for the better

Maybe you knew in high school that “don’t ever change” wasn’t great advice — or maybe you didn’t.

But if you’re like many of us, looking at yearbook photos makes you thankful for some changes. (Seriously, whatever made us think some of those hairstyles and outfits were a good idea?!”) 

(Thankfully!) fashions change.

People change.

Needs change.

And in the business world…

Economies fluctuate.

Companies pivot.

And businesses need to reassess their expenses — including their managed IT services (MSPs).

Whenever a business needs to pivot (or there’s a downturn in the economy), companies look for ways to make better use of their resources. In the midst of this change, you might be surprised to find out how your MSP can save you money AND maximize your service!

Change is not only inevitable, it’s an opportunity to improve!

Pivoting toward improvement

Blue optimal path among all possible movement options

There are many different reasons why a business might need to pivot or scale back.

Whether it’s changes in the economy, needing to regroup, or other changing needs — you need to evaluate your expenses.

And IT is a major expense for companies today. 

Here’s a question to ask yourself :

Is your IT making the best use of your business’ resources?

If you are like many business owners…that might be a tough question to answer!

Unless you are immersed in the IT world, you might not have the awareness you need to evaluate what’s working and what could be better.

  • Maybe you are unsure whether your expensive local server is still the best form of data storage for your company.
  • You might not be familiar with new programs or technology that could save you money.
  • You might not know what’s working for other businesses in industries with similar IT needs.
  • Maybe you don’t have time to research the ways you could be saving money on your IT.
  • Or you just might not know how to implement the required changes that could make better use of your resources!

When you aren’t sure how your MSP can save you money, it never hurts to get an outside (expert) opinion for a different perspective!

A managed IT service provider (like Varay) is a great resource for making sure your IT is meeting your needs and giving you the most bang for your buck!

How your MSP can save you money AND help your business “glow up”

Ideally, “glowing up” (becoming an improved version of yourself) goes along with time and change.

And like we mentioned before, evaluating whether your business’s IT is as efficient and cost-effective as possible can be challenging for those outside the IT world. At Varay, we have the experience and resources to help a business save money while getting the best IT service for their company’s needs.

As Patrick, president of Varay, puts it, “Since we serve clients across different industries, we have a good sense of what works — and what doesn’t.” Unless you’re in the IT business, it’s unlikely that you’ll know about some of the discounts and different terms of commitment that could literally save you thousands of dollars a year on a product or service.

Like a great (IT) makeover, an MSP can make sure the tools, service, and costs are the best fit for your business.

Is your server out of style?

When a person goes in for a makeover, the stylist usually focuses on the most major fashion problem first (we’d use mullets as an example — but apparently they’re back in style!)

Every business is different — and has different needs — one expense that might be out of style for your business is an on-premise server. 

Unlike 10 years ago, it’s rare to find a business that still needs a physical server on-site.

  • They’re expensive to own, maintain, and repair.
  • They don’t allow the flexibility of remote-work access.
  • And it often spells disaster if it crashes.

If you’re considering how your MSP can save you money (and hold onto funds as operational — rather than capital — expenses), the cloud could be a “glow up” alternative to a server.

Instead of continuing expensive payments on a local server, many businesses could save money, stay secure and compliant, AND have the flexibility of remote access on the cloud.

An MSP, like Varay, can help you assess whether your infrastructure is meeting your needs and preparing your business for future growth — or could be more cost effective and efficient.

A makeover that benefits us both

As an MSP “stylist,” helping a business with a successful IT makeover is a win/win.

“Our goal as an MSP is to be good stewards to our clients. We want to help them be successful,” says Patrick.

When our clients save money and get service that meets their needs, we succeed as their MSP.

We finally improved the business

Does your business need an IT makeover? Are you sure that your service is making the best use of your resources? Contact Varay for a free assessment. We’d love to help you get the service you need.


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