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How IT is helping the oil and gas industry

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The oil and gas industry companies need IT solutions to make them more competitive | Varay Managed IT, San Antonio & El PasoTechnology has been transforming processes in healthcare, sales, manufacturing, and construction, but there is little news about its development when it comes to the oil and gas industry. Fact is, the extractive industry is equally in need of innovative IT solutions for companies to work smarter. And the increasingly complex global frameworks and competitive markets make it imperative for these businesses to put the focus on getting operational tasks to run more smoothly and efficiently.

Here’s a look at some of the challenges in the oil and gas industry where IT solutions can make a difference.

1. Access To Company Data, Whether You are On-Site Or Not

Cloud computing has fast become a popular IT solution for businesses that have expansion on the agenda. Although the oil and gas industry has long relied on its own data centers and has been slow to accept cloud computing, it’s the way to go if your business wants to get a competitive edge.

Data stored on the cloud is accessible by anyone connected to it from anywhere in the world. You can upload and share information within your organization, and exchange ideas within your organization at an unprecedented speed.

2. An organized system for communicating and collaborating with employees

Oil and gas exploration can be based in some of the remotest parts of the country and the world. And it is for this reason that communication becomes even more crucial. Poor planning and collaboration can seriously hinder productivity and dampen speed.

Using a remote collaboration software can increase the sharing of information between teams, allowing all pertinent data to be sent and accepted instantly, in real time. It enables processes to be more standardized and streamlined and new protocols and guidelines to be quickly disseminated to everyone.

Digital tools transform oil and gas industry operations for the better | Varay Managed IT, San Antonio & El Paso3. On-site or remote IT support no matter where you are located

In an always-on industry such as oil and gas, one of the most vital things needed is 24/7 IT support. Whether on-site or remote, this support must involve being able to keep a continuous eye on your systems to ensure that everything is working smoothly and alert you to any potential problems. A dedicated team of managed IT specialists, such as Varay, can remove this task from off your business’s plate, so you can move your focus where it’s needed the most.

4. The ability to track, manage, and monitor assets from anywhere

An asset management software tool not only lets you keep track of your resources from procurement to disposal, but it can also be customized to streamline procurement processes, manage services, maximize the use of resources, measure vendor performance, and more.

Preventing problems before they occur is key to a successful business operation in any industry. Asset management is closely connected to condition monitoring (CM), where operations or equipment are monitored for real-time information. It sends alerts for any significant change that may develop into a fault, allowing actions to be taken to prevent damages from occurring.


Use technology to your advantage.

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