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Cheap IT Can Be Expensive

by | Jan 31, 2024 | All, Blogs, business insights,finance | 0 comments

Deal or no deal

Have you ever fallen for a deal that just couldn’t be beat?

materials furniture assembly

To my shame, I did this just last month.

I needed a new bookcase, and naturally a well-targeted ad popped up in my social media with a screaming deal on a case that looked just gorgeous. I couldn’t resist a price like that.

But several weeks and attempts later, the not-as-advertised particle board nightmare of a construction project remains in a heap— a disassembled reminder of the dangers of cutting corners on products that need to have some real integrity.

Don’t fall for cheap IT services available in our area

One thing we see a lot at Varay is that many people don’t think about the true cost of a job well done.

When we quote a price for IT services, it’s always based on our real experience of the work and resources required for a quality solution that won’t fail the customer.

But for people who aren’t working in IT day in and day out, it’s hard to know the true cost of dependable, quality IT service.

When a friend tells you about similarly advertised cheap IT services in our area, it can be tempting to assume the best about the integrity and experience you’ll get for your dollar.

Where is the hidden cost?

The bad news is you tend to get what you pay for with IT services.

Cheap IT services

If someone is offering a very low cost for a service that requires a high level of experience, skill, and technology, they’re cutting corners somewhere.

And even though your actual bill will be nice to look at, you’ll pay for it down the road.

What are most common ways you’ll end up paying?

  • Financial penalties for failing to meet compliance standards
  • Loss of business hours (and days) due to failures
  • Employee and customer frustration or loss
  • Paying someone, again, to repair sloppy Band-Aid fixes

Cheap IT isn’t worth the risks

Though we can’t do our job with excellence and compete with the unbelieveable advertised prices you may hear about for IT services in our area, Varay is proud to stand by the quality we offer each of our clients.

And we’re confident that we can save you money by doing things the right way, every single time.

Invest in IT service that will save you money

We do offer one price that can’t be beat: free.

Contact us today to set up a free visit to determine your IT score and get a feel for your current and future needs. It pays to know where you stand, and it costs nothing!

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