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Client Description

Interstate Capital Corporation is one of North America’s leading invoice factoring companies.

They help small and medium-sized businesses succeed and grow throughout California, Texas, and New Mexico.

They started small themselves almost 25 years ago, in Santa Teresa, New Mexico.

When it became clear that they had a great idea and potential for exponential growth, ICC sought help from a trustworthy IT company that knew about scaling IT services to grow with them.

Varay has been proud to partner with ICC for 20 years, scaling IT services as their needs have changed and expanded.


Scaling IT services

As a business expands and their needs become more complex, they outgrow the insufficient “Dan in the van” IT services that helped them launch in their early days.

Many small business owners get caught up in the other details of their growth and forget how important it is to work with someone who is familiar with scaling IT services as they:

  • Add a new site or office
  • Increase staff on the field
  • Start to meet increasingly complex customer needs

When it became clear that they could keep expanding and adding employees and serving more clients, ICC was sensitive to their need for smart and scalable IT services.

They made the right choice. Today they keep 100 employees bustling, and serve over 1000 clients!

They also foresaw future IT needs for their communication capabilities and securing their network.


“Varay provides a custom solution that has been integral to our growth,” says Tony Furman, one of the founders of ICC.

Scaling IT services

Throughout each stage of ICC’s growth, we’ve identified solutions and helped them make room for greater expansion, scaling IT services for:

  • Growing from six workstations to over 100 workstations
  • Co-location of servers
  • Reliable communication systems
  • Enabling voice and data connection from remote locations
  • A secure network
  • Cloud solutions that meet their needs
  • Automating their office


ICC has enjoyed the following benefits from partnering with Varay as they continue to grow:

  • Efficient communication
  • Seamless addition of new workstations
  • Access to the best technology and solutions for their specific needs
  • Reliable, fast IT service
  • More profit to invest back into their business

Are you outgrowing your IT services?

Ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Does your business have a good process for vetting new IT solutions?
  2. Are you confident you have sufficient CPU and storage solutions?
  3. Do you wonder if your current IT services are hindering your ability to grow?

While good ol’ “Dan in the van” may be helpful for a fledgling business, maybe you’ve reached the point where you need to look at your growing network and needs.

You’ll save yourself money, time, and frustration when you work with a company that can identify your current and future needs.

Secure your growing business

Scaling IT services

There also comes a point for every successful company to realize that an IT disaster could wipe them out, unless they have a secure network and regular data backups.

When we start working with a new client we take into account every aspect of their network, technology, and needs.

From this vantage point, we create a long-term plan that not only prevents recurring issues from cropping up, it protects your growing business from scenarios you may not even know to prepare for.

We have the experience you need

Our team is equipped to anticipate your growth and scale your services to meet your changing needs, and our preferred partner status with vendors can also reduce your future equipment expenses.

Take the stress out of growing your business by leveraging the capabilities of an outsourced San Antonio IT services team like Varay.

We have the staff experience, knowledge, and dependability to support your business wherever it may grow.

Let’s talk about what you need

Contact us today to request a free non-intrusive audit and get a feel for your current and future needs, and any IT areas where your company can be stronger. We look forward to helping you succeed and grow.

Written by

Amanda at Varay


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