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Business phone systems: Separating myth from fact about VoIP

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A good business phone system is essential for growth | Varay Managed IT, San Antonio & El PasoAt Varay, we love a good business phone system fact check. Let’s take a look at some of the most common misconceptions about business phone systems and get the facts straight!

But first: What is a business phone system? The quick answer: It’s a system that allows greater functionality than what you’d get with a conventional business landline. 

A business phone system can have special features like simultaneous multi-line use, a virtual receptionist, call forwarding, broadband connection, or cloud connection.

Today we’re going to focus on myths surrounding one particularly useful type of business phone system — the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system.

5 common myths about VoIP business phone systems

Myth #1: You shouldn’t connect your phone and internet

VoIP technology makes your business phone system mobile and modern | Varay Managed IT, San Antonio & El PasoThis myth falls into the “we’ve always done it this way” category. Since most people are accustomed to having one cable for their phone and another for their internet, they feel most comfortable keeping them separate. 

But the fact is that modern technology allows us to combine both phone and internet into a single, space-saving cord that will also save you money. Voice over Internet Protocol, as the name suggests, connects your business phone to broadband internet. This allows for an incredible range of business-friendly features (more on that in the following myth-busting points).

Myth #2: Employers give up control when a business phone system can be used on employee mobile devices

It seems like a fair assumption that if employees can answer their personal phones for work (anywhere, anytime), the employer would be left in the dark as to their use of the business phone system. 

But the fact is that VoIP technology provides a greater level of accountability for teams than ever. Employers can be as informed as they want to be about call analytics, including call logs, call duration, and the terms of employee use.

And if an employee leaves your team, it’s a simple process to take them out of your business phone system so they won’t have continued access to it (or client information). Did we mention that your clients don’t need to have your employees’ (or your) personal numbers? You can switch off of the business phone system when you need to, and (presto!) your phone magically becomes a personal device again. 

Myth #3: VoIP is designed for traditional offices

Though VoIP business phone systems are enormously beneficial for traditional offices and call centers, they’re incredibly flexible. That means VoIP systems are also valuable for companies with multiple sites, or with remote employees.

For multiple locations, VoIP is an incredible asset to the team. Imagine having a single receptionist serving all of your sites and directing calls to the best team member for the job, even if they’re out of the office. This is also great for employees who can’t access a desk phone due to frequent travel, meetings, or work-from-home situations, as well as for true remote employees.

Myth #4: A new business phone system means a huge hardware investment

You’ve probably caught on by now, but one of the coolest features of VoIP systems is the ability to use your existing hardware. Sure, VoIP-enabled desk phones are available (and well-equipped), but with the addition of softphone software, your team will also be able to keep mobile devices or desktop PCs they use natively. 

Softphone technology relies on the internet to make and receive business-specific calls on a personal device — without infringing on employee privacy. The phone can be used interchangeably for personal or business use, but a user-friendly interface makes it clear which one the employee is using for a given call, so there are no embarrassing mix-ups. 

Plus, the hardware savings just keep coming! Since mobile devices and PCs come equipped with cameras, video calls, conferences, chatting, and texting are already at your team’s fingertips.

Myth #5: A business phone system will tie you down

Stay connected and simplify your workday with a business phone system | Varay Managed IT, San Antonio & El PasoThis one is just laughably false. One of the biggest reasons we recommend VoIP systems to our clients is that they’re so scalable. 

Say your team grows exponentially, or you add a new location. Easy peasy. Or maybe you scale back to refocus on your goals. No problem. VoIP systems are ready for anything with minimal hardware investment or onboarding time. 

And rather than limiting your customer service potential like a conventional business phone, many VoIP systems can integrate with your CRM (customer relationship management) software to provide a seamless learning experience.

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