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4 steps for building the best study space in your home.

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As Abhishek Ratna once wisely said, “The work environment can bring out the ‘best’ or the ‘worst’ in you.”

We agree.

While we’re certain those words were written about a business’s company culture, they ring true for our physical work environments as well.

Whether the current pandemic is keeping you busy, or giving you never-ending at-home free time, we believe there’s always an opportunity to encourage positive growth in your life. So, if you have downtime, what better way is there to “sharpen your axe” than pursuing an online education?

So many people feel this way that the online education sector is actually booming right now. So, if you’re settling in for some studying, we believe you should take Abhishek Ratna’s word to heart and create a virtual learning environment that brings out the best in you!

So, without further ado, here are Varay’s four steps for building the best virtual learning environment: 

Step #1: Declare your spaceMother on a phone call while her kids are pulling her hair and drawing on her desk.

Whether you live alone or in a crowded house, start by selecting a room, area, (inch of carpet) that you can set aside solely for your virtual learning environment. If you live in a small space, you may have to get creative with collapsible or pull-out desks, hidden corners, or multi-purpose shared spaces, but make sure you have an area in the house that you can dedicate to online learning for specified periods of time.

After you declare your space, do your best to stay within that space while studying. We know it sounds tempting to cuddle under the covers while turning in assignments, but allowing your workspace to blend into all other areas of your home actually makes it harder for you to decompress and rest.

Step #2: Diminish distractions

Depending on your living space, your virtual learning environment may be in a quiet area that remains undisturbed. If you have kids — well, there’s still hope! You know yourself and your needs better than anyone else, but we recommend finding items that will empower you to diminish household distractions while you study.

Equipment such as noise-canceling headphones with built-in microphones can help you focus on your tasks. Office supplies like special pens and paper can help you stay organized and motivated in your newly established environment. Whatever your needs are, make sure your space diminishes distractions in every way possible.

Step #3: Keep it comfortable

The key to staying comfortable in any environment is practicality. If your virtual learning environment is set up practically to meet your needs, (such as adequate space, storage, comfortable sitting/standing room, etc.), it will be comfortable even if it’s small or less-than-ideal.

The best way to learn how to make your virtual learning environment practical is to just start using it. Over the course of one to two weeks, take note of the frustrations and pain points that are distracting you from getting your studying done. Then, brainstorm ways to solve those pain points and make your space comfortable.

Step #4: Close the door when you’re done

This is the most important step in creating a sustainable virtual learning environment. When you are done studying for the day, the week, or the month, close down your study environment and walk away.

Close up of a key in a closing door with a faded home office behind it. We realize that not all study spaces will have a physical door that you can close, and we’re not suggesting that you need to put everything away at the end of the day only to set it up again in the morning. We’re just saying that actions like turning your computer off, clearing off your desk, or closing doors helps your brain process that work is down, and now it’s time to unwind. This is an essential part of building sustainable study habits. 


Here at Varay, we want to set you up for success. Contact us today if you have any questions about building a virtual learning environment that brings out the best in you.


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