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5 net-blocking apps for productivity

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Being productive at work is a struggle for many people. While the Internet can be a marvellous way to boost productivity, it’s also one of the more common productivity killers. From sites like Facebook and Twitter, to games installed on your computer, there are numerous ways your productivity can be hampered. Luckily, there are steps you can take to minimize distractions.

If you find yourself being distracted by all the wonder the Internet has to offer when you are trying to work, there are a number of apps you can use that can really help you focus. Here are five.


For many, one of the biggest distractions is social media. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube, can turn out to be incredibly distracting when you really need to focus. As you can probably tell by its name, Anti-Social is an app that turns off, or blocks access to social sites.

With this app, you can configure the social sites you would like to block, and even pick other sites that are not social media related, to be off-limits for a set period of time. If you finish your work before the set time, you can restart your computer to remove the block.

The app can work on Windows, OS X and even Ubuntu, and costs USD$15. You can download a free trial, and if you like, pay to upgrade from the app. Visit the Anti-Social website to download the app, or learn more.

Focus Me

If you are looking for an app that can block not only websites, but also programs on your computer, Focus Me could be what you’re are looking for. One of the interesting features of this app is that it reminds you to take breaks away from your screen, which is great for you health.

Focus Me has three modes: Block Mode which blocks, closes or minimizes specified programs, websites, and browser tabs. Focus Mode blocks all windows, programs, and apps, except for any you have selected. Take a Break allows you to set up specific times where the app will block all programs, including the Internet, forcing you to take a break.

In order to unblock programs, you enter a password. The app works on Windows and costs USD$18. Visit the Focus Me site to learn more.


If you use a Mac in the office, and would like to turn off email alerts or social media sites, try using SelfControl. This open-source app allows you to set and block websites and email servers for a set period of time. Unlike other blocker apps, access to sites and programs is blocked until the timer is up, even if you restart your computer.

This app is available for free from the developer’s website and should be compatible with most versions of OS X.


While app and program blockers cut temptation off at the source, it is also useful to know where exactly you are wasting time, or how you are using your time on your computer. By knowing where you waste the majority of your time, and when you are more prone to veer off track, you can use the app blockers with better effectiveness.

RescueTime is an app that will track how you use your time and present you with easy to read and understand reports. You can even set alerts so you’ll know when you’ve used a program for a set amount of time and even block them.

This app works on most platforms, including Mac, Windows, Android and Linux. The Lite version is free and tracks the time you spend using websites and applications. The Premium version costs USD$9 a month and comes with more features, including alerts, blocking of programs and sites, and more. Visit the app’s website to learn more about the app and to sign up.


Freedom is from the same developers as Anti-Social but is meant to be more of a full-blocker. The main purpose of this app is that it blocks all access to the Internet from your computer. This app is best for when you really need to concentrate with no Internet access.

The app is USD$10 and works on Android, Windows and Mac. Visit the website to learn more about Freedom and download it.

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