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4 ideas for a festive, virtual Christmas party!

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There’s no way around it — the holidays are so different this year. It’s challenging to stay safe while staying connected, so we’ve decided to help your business take a break and have fun sharing in the holiday cheer without compromising the safety of your team!

Just because we may not be able to gather in person doesn’t mean we shouldn’t gather at all — that’s why we highly recommend that your company host remote, social distancing parties. They’ll give your team the chance to unwind, connect, and have a great time. The reality is, even though remote Christmas parties may be a challenge, your employees need a positive break to be reminded that they are cared for because the emotional and mental strain of this isolation has already taken its toll on us all.

So, before you quit reading at the thought of another Zoom call, check out our ideas for social distancing parties that can provide actual fun and connection, even if your team doesn’t leave their houses!

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Four staff Christmas party ideas during COVID:

#1 Online Party Games:

If your team hasn’t played amazing remote party games like Heads Up or those on Jackbox TV, now is the time. These games are easy to play with anyone who has a smartphone. All you have to do is set up the games on an administrator’s laptop, and they can share their screen for the main event! Here are more virtual game ideas to get the good times rolling.

#2: Watch Parties for Virtual Movie Nights:

So many streaming services including Netflix, YouTube, and Movies Anywhere, are offering platforms that allow multiple users to jump on and share the same movie experience at the same time. Oh, and don’t forget to hop on a conference call to hear each others’ real-time commentary!

Woman’s hands holding a Christmas package on a red background. #3: Party Packages:

This one takes a little preparation, but for a fun holiday twist, consider putting together gift boxes full of decorations, snacks, games, prizes, and gifts for your team. They can set up the decorations in their living space prior to your scheduled video conference call and enjoy the rest while the whole team is on the call together.

Tip: You can get extra prepared and have pre-numbered packages within the gift boxes so that your team members know what to open when. That way, you can schedule your party with games, prizes, and real-time bonding.

#4: Remote Karaoke

Let’s be real — everyone’s going to participate in deciding “what song should the boss sing in front of everyone?” Though this might push people out of their comfort zones, nothing’s more bonding than giving hilarious performances of your favorite songs with your friends and team members, especially if dressing up or goofy costumes are encouraged. Here are some software ideas to help you pull this idea off!

And don’t stop there! If you’re looking for Christmas party ideas for families and friends as well, these social distancing parties don’t have to stay at the office. Set up a video conference call and bring these ideas home to stay connected to your family and friends that you may not be seeing in person this Christmas.

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