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Is your business ready for Complete IT Support?

Get a better understanding of how your business will benefit from a technology provider.

A No Band-Aids approach Major Issues - Prevent fires before they happen
Quick fix solutions turn a blind eye to underlying problems that become more costly in productivity and profitability in the long term. The right approach to IT services allows you to invest your resources back into growing your business. Avoid staff frustrations and delays with Varay’s proactive measures to identifying root causes and preventing problems, such as real-time monitoring, 24/7 access to local support staff. Your team is free to do what they do best.
IT services scaled to grow with you
Take the stress out of growing your business by leveraging the capabilities of an outsourced IT services team like Varay. We have the staff experience, knowledge, and dependability to support your business wherever it may grow. Our preferred partner status with vendors can also reduce your costs of future equipment acquisitions.
Secure your business against cyberattacks with multi-layered security
Headlines draw attention to security breaches at large corporations, but small and medium sized businesses are far more susceptible to becoming victims of cyberattacks. Varay provides a multi-layered approach to network security, including regular monitoring, implementing security filters, facilitate training, and immediately responding to suspicious activities.
Protect your business with the right compliance strategies
Doing business in a digital world can be daunting. Don’t lay awake at night wondering if your business is in full compliance. Varay’s team of IT security consultants help you identify and meet HIPAA and PCI compliance requirements for your organization. Our team will devise a compliance program that fits your business, and then efficiently and effectively ensures that you maintain compliance for the long-haul.

Office 365 and G Suite

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Our 4 favorite web browsers

Internet browsers are a unique type of software. No two browsers share the same list of features and functions, and almost all of them are free. That means you have a lot of options when choosing which is right for you, and that decision isn’t always clear cut. Read on for our take on the […]

The new face of e-marketing: IG stories

Scroll, double-tap, repeat, might have been the original Instagram-ing routine, but not anymore. After partnering with global advertising giants, IG is introducing its latest feature: Stories. With it, you can share short videos, or even personally decorated snapshots of your daily life. But many of you might ask, “What does this have to do with […]