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Working as a team, not just a company

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Varay has changed and adapted as we’ve grown.

We’ve added services as our clients’ needs have shifted. We’ve honed in on our core values and goals.

But one of the adaptations we’re most proud of is discovering the needs and motivators of our younger generation of team members and shifting our company habits to help them thrive.

The “millennial” generation gets a bad rap these days, but since deciding to learn what makes the tech generation tick, Varay has gained some amazing new team members and helpful insight into a tricky client demographic.

The tools to engage a team

performance feedback

Nothing is haphazard about the internal structure of our company.

Since we’re the people you trust to keep your business running with efficiency and security, we are highly intentional about building a team that deeply understands and shares our values.

We’ve instituted a few tools to help us to simultaneously meet the unique needs of our tech-gen team members and solidify our company’s integrity.

Here are a few of the tools we use:

  • The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) framework
  • Continuous performance feedback for team members
  • Quarterly bonuses based on team member performance
  • A high level of transparency within our team

It’s great to know where you stand

performance feedback

One of the big differences between older generations and the tech generation (millennials, if you prefer), is a preference to have continuous — even weekly — performance feedback.

So we scrapped the outdated annual review framework and instituted a performance feedback system where each member knows how they’re being measured, has the tools to meet their goals, and never has to guess where they stand.

Our Varay team members appreciate constructive transparency, and so do our clients. Everyone appreciates knowing where they stand and being able to trust the company they’re dealing with.

Are you looking to join a team like Varay?

Our drive for excellence in everything we do translates into our passion for developing each of our team members.
If you’re ready to be part of a hard-working, supportive team, pull up your resume and tell us a little about yourself by submitting it on our career’s page.

We look forward to talking with you.

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