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Work From Home Survival Guide – Part 3

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The Norm

We had our work-from-home routines down. Morning team meetings, checking off our daily tasks, fitting in a walk, playing with kids, and even a mini-road trip to see what’s going on in the world. The days were starting to melt into one, and we did everything we could to feel normal. This was the new norm for us here at Varay and many other new work-from-homers.

Reopening Texas

May 8th, 2020, select businesses were allowed to open up at limited capacity while practicing social distancing with an executive order issued by Governor Greg Abbott. Now it was our time to return to the office—but only for select departments and positions. We decided to slowly incorporate our team in phases because we did not want to risk the safety of our staff and our clients. The news of returning was bittersweet to some and a blessing to others. Reopening Texas meant that businesses could reopen and help communities recover financially, but COVID-19 is still a major concern that could change everything in an instant.

This Sunday felt like a Sunday

May 10th, 2020, was the day before we headed back to the office. Why was this day significant? Because it meant we had to rediscover our routines—but with a twist. Getting ready now included making sure we packed our face masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer. The weight these items carry when you realize why they are necessary puts into perspective that normal may never be achievable. Either way, this Sunday was a turning point. A turning point that we were prepared for as it meant the beginning of the end.

First day back

We woke up, packed our monitors and cords, and headed to work. It was not like how it used to be. On top of re-configuring our desk and computer setups, we had to deal with new processes within our buildings. Returning to the office was a bit thrilling and sobering at the same time, but we were ready nonetheless.


Our takeaways

Be prepared – ensure you gather all cords, connections, etc. to prevent downtime when you show up to the office. A return checklist would be helpful for teammates.

Have a process – if your company is dependent on an IT team setting up and reconnecting users, you may want to explore integrating your team in waves to prevent bottle necking.

Take advantage – maybe you didn’t like your workspace setup before the quarantine; use this fresh start to organize cords and position monitors and workstations to your liking.

Stay safe – keeping hand sanitizer, masks, and practicing social distancing are still really good ideas. One person getting sick could affect your whole team and loved ones. Here are some return to work tools via the CDC that will help your company plan and work safely.




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