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Work From Home Survival Guide – Part 2

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Work From Home Survival Guide Part 2 - Varay Managed IT El Paso and San Antonio, TX

What has changed

A week has passed, and we at Varay have found our unique routines. Some routines include making stops at our local in-house coffee shop known as Le Kitchen, conducting homeschooling sessions, and routine diaper changes for our little ones. It is a new era for our company, and we have embraced the change that has occurred along with some of the small obstacles we are currently facing. 


Problems a company faces when working from home

Unless you have been working remotely before, you have noticed some work-from-home obstacles. Some, you may have never thought of and others you have expected.

Here is what our team has faced:

  • Our new work-from-home chairs – Some of us are missing our office chairs and might be making that investment. 
  • WiFi signal – Finding a secluded space at home might mean a reduced WiFi signal.
  • Impromptu desks – Laptops now have a literal meaning, and kitchen tables mimic office desks.
  • Laptop screens – Working off a laptop screen can easily be a downgrade when you have a double monitor set up at the office.

Does working from home have its benefits?

Even though there are some minor obstacles, the benefits outweigh the setbacks, and some of these perks you really wouldn’t think would be the result of working together miles away from each other. 

  • Team communication – Going through this quarantine has given us a new sense of comradery. There is always a new quarantine topic going on in Team Chats.
  • More time with family – With everyone working and learning from home, this is a little blessing in disguise.
  • Productivity – Our team members see their productivity increase while working from home. This is a possible result of us trying to find some normalcy in our day. 

Our Takeaways

  • Having a positive outlook during this trying time is helping us focus on what truly matters and our company goals.
  • Find yourself a functional, comfy workstation, whether it is outside or in a secluded room. Just take advantage of your options.
  • Find a routine. Whether it is sticking to your old routine or adapting to a new one, consistency is an excellent way to stay on schedule.
  • Stay presentable. You never know when a client or coworker may want to video chat.
  • Reach out to team members. It helps to know that the team is in it together. It can also help identify common issues you and your coworkers are experiencing. 

Now that we have fully embraced working through this quarantine, we are taking it day by day with hopes of getting back to normal soon. 

Stay safe Texas ,

Varay Managed IT


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