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What is better for a business, Mac or PC?

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Mac vs PC: Which one is right for your business


It’s time.

COVID-19 has forced every business to make drastic operational changes including reducing staff hours, removing all nonessential in-person contact, and (when possible) allowing your employees to work remotely.

While recovering to this work-from-home set-up, you and your employees are realizing how critical it is to have the right computing devices to efficiently complete your workload. Which leads us to the question of the day: is Apple or PC right for your new remote work environment?

You’re not the only one asking. As you probably noticed after your Google search, it’s a common blog topic. And with good reason, because the reality is, the answer isn’t the same for everybody

A MacBook and a Windows computer next to each other for comparison | Varay Managed IT, San Antonio & El PasoWe can’t tell you which product is best for your business, but we can show you the strengths and weaknesses of both in light of your business needs so that you can make an informed decision rather than an overwhelming one.

Quick note: we use the terms “PC” and “Windows” interchangeably in this post, and here’s why. PC stands for “personal computer,” so technically MacBooks are PCs, but modern vernacular has determined that “PC” refers to a product running Windows, not Apple.

Okay, on to the good stuff!

Mac vs PC: Where PC beats Mac


PC products are less expensive than Apple products, both in their initial price and repair costs. $1,000 goes a long way in getting a brand new, dependable PC with lots of bells and whistles. For a MacBook with comparable features, however, that’s the bottom of Apple’s price range. Repair costs are low for Windows because they often outsource product manufacturing to other companies. While this can cause delays in the customer service realm, it keeps the cost of replacement parts low and competitive.

Product Options:

Not only does your dollar go farther with Windows products, you also have more options because there are many more PC variations than MacBooks. And speaking of options, most PCs have several commonly used ports such as HDMI, SD card and USB ports, whereas current MacBooks don’t even provide a standard USB port.

Microsoft Office Functionality:

Speaking from experience, Microsoft Office products work better on PCs than Apple products. MacBooks can support the Microsoft Office Suite, but as a company we’ve consistently encountered fewer glitches, screen freezes, and heart attacks using Excel on a PC rather than a MacBook.

Mac vs PC: Where Mac beats PC


Apple makes beautiful products. Years of research and development go into making every MacBook model, and the intentionality shows in every detail. But not only are Apple products visually stunning, they are incredibly user-friendly, making complex configurations accessible to nontechnical people.


There are more active PCs than Macs, which gives PCs viruses a larger target. That fact coupled with the build of the MacBook’s operating system means that MacBooks are generally considered more secure from computer viruses than PCs. However, this may change in the future as viral attacks continue to advance along with technology.

Customer Service:

Lastly, Apple proudly offers unparalleled customer service. While Windows support is extremely positive, Apple Stores offer unique, thorough, one-on-one troubleshooting experiences between technical experts and satisfied customers. Since Apple manufactures every product in-house, they can provide an unmatched tech support process.

Hopefully these insights have narrowed down your decision based on the specific needs of your business, but if you need additional feedback in choosing between Mac vs PC for your remote work environment, we’d love to help! Contact Varay to start a conversation with our team today.

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