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What is 5G? Here’s what you need to know

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| Varay Managed IT in San Antonio & El PasoWhat to expect from the incredible changes 5G is bringing

Allow me paint you a picture of the near-future — the world with 5G internet access.

Driverless cars whiz by, and auto-related deaths drop to an all-time low. Women in virtual boutiques “try on” various styles instantly with a swipe. Immersive entertainment experiences react to your pupillary behavior so each jump scene is timed just right.

Seem far-fetched? While it’s possible that technology will embrace 5G in unexpected areas, all three of the futuristic scenarios above are well within the realm of possibility in a 5G-connected world. And autonomous cars are pretty much a guarantee (with a few caveats).

So what exactly is 5G, and how can it really be that different from the 4G we use now?


What is 5G?

In a nutshell, 5G is the fifth generation of wireless networking architecture that we’ll plug ourselves into.

What is 5G? It’s the future of business and connection | Varay Managed IT, San Antonio & El PasoMore people than ever before (and more devices per-person) are connecting to the internet, and 5G is a collaborative telecom effort that will rise to the challenge of serving them all with unprecedentedly fast bandwidth, directional frequencies, and incredible reliability.

If I lost you on “directional,” what that really boils down to is improved efficiency. 4G is spraying data to adjacent towers in multiple directions right now at low gigahertz, and 5G will send it at a much higher frequency (six to 60 times higher!). This change will make data move much faster, without bumping into other signals and slowing along the way.

But how fast is fast? Under perfect conditions, it will be 100 times faster than the 4G LTE most of us are using to read this post. Improved internet speed and efficiency can only mean one thing for businesses: Changes.


How will businesses benefit from 5G

For starters, video is going to continue to explode. Businesses who leverage (or could look into leveraging … *nudge*) video are going to have a real love/hate relationship with 5G. They’re going to love the unreal automation and virtual and augmented reality capabilities but hate the new wave tech-savvy of competition.

One big boon will be in the area of communication (via text, video, or collaboration software). It may feel pretty instant already with 4G, but 5G speeds will crush the frustrating lag or latency you occasionally experience. Video calls and presentations will even have the potential to move into the realm of 3D, with holographic projection to enhance your meetings and conferences. In fact, if you were to download a 3D video in 4G, you’d wait about six minutes. With 5G, you could be watching it within six seconds — and it could be 16 times clearer than the previous generation’s HD version.

Cloud computing will seal its position as the go-to for business data storage and collaboration. And as we become increasingly dependent on the internet to do business — and, yes, it’s possible to become more dependent than we already are — businesses will have some hard decisions to make.


The risks of 5G for businesses

As we’ve seen over and over since humans first started using tools, the people who embrace new technology are going to fare far better than their stubborn peers. Businesses that resist change are going to struggle as the rest of the market jumps on board the 5G train.

What is 5G, and what are the risks for my business? Varay Managed IT, San Antonio and El PasoThe transition to 5G is going to be massively expensive for the telecom giants, so expect 5G access to come in gradual waves. Today is a great day to schedule a talk with an IT expert you trust, so you can start learning about emerging technologies and prepare your business for the 5G revolution when it hits your area. Most of us will notice 5G first at major airports and residential broadband, followed by mobile devices in 2020 or 2021.

While you’re meeting with your IT service provider, make sure to discuss 5G’s security implications for your business. Increased connectivity is going to create new cybersecurity vulnerabilities and privacy issues. It might help to think of 5G as both the train you must get on to stay in business, and Agatha Christie’s perilous Orient Express.

The first place you’ll notice the change to 5G may well be in your pocket! Though it’s still hazy how data plans will be impacted, many of us will need new phones and tablets. The major companies will release 5G-compatible versions as current phones and tablets can’t engage the right radio frequencies to access 5G. Verizon at least is releasing a clip-on addition for current phones that will be able to access 5G.


Keep your business one step ahead of 5G

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