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We’ve said “Bye bye bye ” to the IT service of the 1990s — have you?

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When you were younger, did you ever hear an older person talking about how the world has changed?


Unlike the “easy” life you have now, they had to walk two miles to school every day.



In the snow. 

Uphill both ways. 

And probably with wolves chasing them.


Although things *possibly* were different than they remember, things really have changed — and are still changing!


In truth, some things were harder then — and some things are harder now.


IT needs and  IT service have also changed.


This year, we’re celebrating our 20-year anniversary at Varay Managed IT! Let’s take a look at how managed IT has evolved to meet the challenges.


How have things changed in the IT space?

In 20 years, the world has changed A LOT — and many of those changes relate to technology!


 (Anyone remember roadtrips with a binder full of boy band CDs? Or that beeping, whooshing connection sound of dial-up internet? Or getting fined for not rewinding your rented VHS copy of Titanic? Anyone? Okay…now we just feel old!)

Technology evolution concept of how managed IT has evolved.

If we roll back the clock 20 years, the technology world was very different than it is now.


Access to information

In 2022, it’s hard to imagine a world without the cloud


Even if a business hasn’t yet shifted to remote data storage, almost everyone uses at least one app on the cloud — even if it’s just storing pictures from your cell phone.


But 20 years ago, the cloud didn’t really exist


Information was on servers, and that information had to be manually shared with others.


In today’s world, businesses generally look for ways to be more efficient — sometimes a Zoom call will work just as well as jumping on a plane to attend every meeting!


While the tools already existed, COVID accelerated the move to remote data access. To continue operations during lockdowns and restrictions, businesses had to move information to the cloud. Helping companies make that move is an example of how managed IT has evolved to meet challenges.


When we first started in the business, even providing IT service was challenging! Businesses’ unreliable internet connections were a huge limitation.


It’s sobering to think how COVID could’ve affected the economy (in an even more dramatic way) if it had happened in 2000 instead of 2020. If we didn’t have stable internet connections, access to virtual meeting spaces, or the ability to work from home…


In a very real sense, IT saved many businesses.


A service paradigm shift

IT service used to be much more reactionary. Break/fix IT was the name of the game, and businesses would call the IT person to fix whatever was broken — putting everything on hold until it could be repaired! 


Service was billed as time and materials — making costs and budgets unpredictable from month to month. (“How much is it going to set me back this time?!”)


Twenty years ago, the proactive, managed IT service (MSP) model wasn’t widely practiced! 


If you look through our blogs, we have a lot to say about the virtues of proactive service and how managed IT has evolved to better serve clients. But it bears repeating — if your MSP isn’t anticipating your future needs and preparing for cyberattacks, they’re living in the past!


Different threats

In terms of technology, people are more focused on security than ever before. From protecting our kids (who are growing up with tech), to being aware of scams — security is on many peoples’ minds.


There were definitely viruses in the late ‘90s and early 2000s — and they were definitely bad — but they had a different objective than today’s threats.


Viruses of yesteryear were mostly destructive (wiping out hard drives and destroying information). Because of this, IT services focused on data backup as a defense.


While data backup is still our #1 priority as an MSP, backup alone is no longer a sufficient response. 


Twenty years ago, businesses didn’t have to worry about ransomware extortion — and didn’t face the threat of having their information held hostage. 


Today, businesses are far more exposed and vulnerable to cyberthreats than they used to be. Cybercrime is on the rise, and even small businesses need to be prepared. How has managed IT evolved to protect against the threat of ransomware? 

  • Through training businesses to practice good security habits
  • 24/7 monitoring of potential threats
  • AND vigilant data backup


MSPs no longer just focus on preventing attacks — we prepare to respond quickly and effectively when someone breaches the defenses. 


It’s unfortunate, but chances are high that you (or someone you know) will have their credentials compromised. Today, having a disaster continuity plan is integral to weathering the barrage of cyberattacks that businesses face daily.


At Varay, we are laser-focused on keeping our clients’ data safe. Through round-the-clock monitoring and active awareness of what can go wrong — we are able to prevent and protect businesses’ data (so you can rest easy).


20 years, and counting…

Confident woman working in a high tech enterprise, demonstrating how managed IT has evolved.

As we look back at the past, we’ve faced challenges, we’ve adapted, and we’ve grown.


20 years of IT.

20 years of adapting to best protect and serve our clients.


We’re thankful for every minute, and we look forward to providing great IT service for the next 20 years. 


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Written by

Amanda at Varay


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