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Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP): Why You Should Make the Switch

by | Jan 31, 2024 | All, Blogs, business insights,office to home | 0 comments

More and more businesses are discovering the freedom and advantages of ditching the traditional phone line in favor of VoIP telephony.

Why make a change to something as reliable and simple as a Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS — really)?

Because, frankly, we tend to forget the unreliability issues we experience with traditional POTS.

Once people get an idea of how much more reliable and simple VoIP can really make business communications, switching starts to look pretty smart.

Instead of relying on analog phone lines, which can go down and stop communication for days at a time, VoIP makes calls over LANs (this requires an ethernet connection) or over the internet and converts the analog signals into digital “packets” that have potentially thousands of channels to travel in case one goes down.

What are the advantages of VoIP?

We recently helped a law firm make a smooth switch to VoIP. Here are some of the benefits they’re enjoying:

  • Unification of voicemail and email into a single, simple system
  • Potentially huge savings
  • Improved voice quality
  • Easily scalability as their business grows
  • Features and apps that make business communication faster and more convenient

For most businesses, the savings are enough incentive to make the switch.

Imagine free long distance calls, working with a single vendor for your voice and internet, and the end of monthly phone company bills..

The cool features and apps include the ability to have everyone in your company, anywhere in the world, accessible by simple 4-digit extensions, and apps that can potentially do the job of a receptionist with features like converting your voice messages to text, call forwarding, call waiting, caller ID, three-way calling and more.

It’s also very convenient to be able to send data during your conversation. Imagine discussing a document or picture and sending it in real time to enhance your communication.

Design matters

Though VoIP is pretty exciting, it’s important to remember that the improved quality requires good bandwidth and a properly designed system.

Varay can help ensure you have the proper bandwidth and a design that will meet all of your business’s needs and give you superior voice quality and the essential features.

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