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V-Scale eliminates up-front hardware costs while providing essential technology upgrades

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Did you know that 47% of SMBs (small-to-medium businesses) still use Windows 7 even though Microsoft dropped support of this operating system in January of this year?

That’s crazy! And extremely worrying.

It’s understandable that people struggle to adapt their offices to major OS changes: Humans are, after all, creatures of habit. But, Microsoft warned Windows 7 users for a long time that it was going to end support for it, and nearly 50% of SMBs still refused to adapt to new operating systems.

Unfortunately, this means Windows 7 users are now faced with an expensive choice: They can either purchase extended support for their outdated system, which still leaves their company open to cybersecurity risks and operational inefficiencies, or they can upgrade all their office equipment to support a new, supported and safe OS… at a high up-front cost.


If this scenario describes your business, Varay wants to help you out. Both of those options are extremely expensive any way you slice it, so we’ve created a solution that offers you a “Door No. 3.”


V-Scale: Prioritizing Operational vs. Capital expenses


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Like we mentioned earlier, not upgrading out of Windows 7 causes a myriad of problems. Even though you can buy extended support for this old OS, (which is expensive on its own), your company is still liable to increased cyberattacks, organizational risk, and lack of compliance.

As an example, companies running on Windows 7 are much more likely to suffer a protected health information (PHI) leak, which incurs massive fines and the incalculable loss of customer trust.

Basically, buying extended support for old operating systems like Windows 7 is akin to applying small bandages to a growing wound: it’s not going to work in the long run.

So, if your company decides against this option and chooses to upgrade its equipment, you’re instead looking at a high-cost investment. We firmly support the decision to upgrade out of aging inventory like Windows 7, but we also know how difficult it is to suddenly divert limited resources to a massive capital expenditure like this.

That’s why we created V-Scale.


V-Scale: Sparing Capital Expenses

With V-Scale, your company is spared from choosing between bandaids and high capital expenditures by giving you the option to rent secure, up-to-date hardware and software for your business rather than purchase it.

Now more than ever, our world has a need for lean financial options when it comes to secure, dependable technology. V-Scale allows you to upgrade your business for a literal fraction of the cost, and it gives your business the additional attribute of easy and inexpensive scalability.


V-Scale: Affordable Operational Expenses


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V-Scale prioritizes operational vs. capital expenses, its unique subscription method, which allows you to expense your equipment needs vs. capitalizing them after a large up-front purchase.

Our current global crisis has certainly highlighted the need for upgraded technology in order to provide safe and efficient remote infrastructures. Renting essential hardware for these upgrades means more affordable expenses for your business. And, you can customize them to fit your business’ unique needs, especially if and when they change.

To learn more about how V-Scale can save your business money while providing top-of-the-line technology, start a conversation with Varay today!

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