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Useful Google Chrome Extensions

by | Jan 31, 2024 | All, tech tips, Tech-Tips | 0 comments

They’re Free…They’re Cool…They’re Useful

In the spirit of our “Work Smarter” mantra, we decided to share some of our favorite and most useful Google Chrome Extensions.

These extensions check all the boxes when it comes to product ratings/reviews, functionality, and yes — they are free, too.

Varay's Top Google Chrome Extensions for Productivity


If you are a tab hoarder like I am, this is an extension for you. With a simple click of a button, OneTab condenses your tabs into time-stamped bundles that you can restore at a later time. One functionality that we also found to be useful is the ability to transfer your browser tabs to your phone with their QR code function.




If you are constantly sending emails to clients, this extension can help you make a good impression. Grammarly provides a contextual spelling and grammar checker in its free version, which will help you keep proposals and presentations error-free.



Save to Pocket

Are you doing research for a client or a specific project? Save those insightful websites and group them by assigning a tag to stay organized with Save to Pocket. Save to Pocket also provides you with related content to help you further your research.

Save to Pocket



Do you want to know when your clients open your email or how long ago they opened it? Then Mailtrack should be your next Chrome extension download if you are a Gmail user. Mailtrack boasts itself as the only Mailtracker in the Chrome Web Store that is free and has over 1.3 million users.




Want to keep your eyes glued to your monitor? Keep your eyes on the prize and your phone in your pocket/purse with the MightyText extension. MightyText allows Android users to send and receive SMS & MMS text messages from a Chrome browser. Your phone may never see daylight again.















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