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Troubleshoot your Zoom and Microsoft Teams’ mic and camera issues

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Tech Tips Header - Varay Managed ITTroubleshoot your Zoom and Teams issues

Mic check. One-two. One-two. Annnnd nothing.

Yes, we have all been in this scenario, especially during this new virtual meeting intensive world.  

We have made ourselves available more than ever with these virtual meeting platforms, and it doesn’t look like they are not going anywhere. But with new technology comes some tech problems with everyone’s set-up not created equal. This is why we decided to write this tech tip to help you troubleshoot your Zoom and Microsoft Teams audio and camera issues 

Why did we choose Zoom and Teams?  

Zoom and Microsoft’s Teams have been leading the forefront of connecting businesses to employees and clients via their video chat platforms. Zoom’s meeting participants jumped up during the pandemic from 10 million in December 2019 to 300 million + in April 2020. Microsoft was no slouch, with it scoring 115 million daily active users later on in the year in October 2020.  

Zoom and Microsoft’s Teams Troubleshooting Tips  

Step 1: Know your devices.  

Knowing what your microphone, speaker, and camera is labeled will help identify whether they are selected or connected to your device.  

Step 2: Are they selected? 

Knowing if your audio and camera devices are selected might seem basic but is a common oversight, along with your mic being on mute. 

Get to your audio and camera settings using the steps below. 

Teams Audio and Camera Settings: Click on the ellipses and then device settings to bring up your speaker and microphone settings. 

Microsoft Teams audio and camera settings

Zoom Audio Settings: Click on the dog ear icon next to the microphone icon to bring up both Microphone and Speaker device selections and options. 

Zoom Audio Setting

Zoom Camera Settings: Click on the dog ear icon next to the camera icon to bring up camera device selection and options. 

Zoom Camera Settings

Step 3: Do you need an update? 

Check if your mic and camera are working on other platforms. 

If they are working, it may be your Teams or Zoom software that may need an update.  

If your camera or mic/headset isn’t working on another platform, you may need a software or driver update for your device. 

Lastly, check if your computer needs an update by using the Dell Command update app.  

Step 4: Give us a call. 

If you find that your company is constantly having IT issues, be sure to contact us for a free IT consultation.  

Often, we uncover underlying IT issues that have held back companies from reaching their full potential. 

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