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Top 4 Tools for KPI Dashboarding

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The basics: What you really need to measure KPIs

KPI dashboard app | Varay, El Paso

Businesses and organizations have better performance measuring resources available to them than ever before.

But how do you pick the right KPI dashboarding tool for your business?

We’ll show your our top 4 tracking tools in just a minute, but first let’s talk about the essential elements of a good KPI dashboard.

You need something that is:

  • Accessible via the cloud (A network of servers allows you to access your data anywhere, not just from a file on your PC)
  • Easy for you to learn and use (I check my KPI dashboard on my phone while brushing my teeth in the morning)
  • Visually appealing to you and your team (You won’t be as likely to check in on the data you’re tracking if your eyes have to work hard to understand it)

Our top 4 KPI dashboarding tools

Because there’s a lot of personal preference involved in choosing the best KPI dashboarding tool for your business, we’ll leave out the numeric order.

These tools are tried and true across many industries, and we recommend you look further into each one before deciding what will work best for you:

  • Klipfolio — The intuitive nature of Klipfolio makes it easy to learn and navigate, and the visuals of your tracked KPI are very appealing. Our whole office uses this dashboarding app to get a real-time live feed of customer satisfaction after each service call we finish. We find Klipfolio to be the most feature-rich for the price.
  • Cyfe — Cyfe is really cool because it monitors social media activity (who “likes” or “follows,” activity on your page, etc.) and helps you make the most of your social media presence. It also tracks your marketing, customer satisfaction, and other common KPI metrics.
  • Make a spreadsheet — Hey, there’s something to be said for sticking with what you’re good at! If you’re at home in the Excel or Google Sheets world, you can make a good KPI dashboard for free. If you use Excel, make sure you put your data on the cloud (securely, of course) for ease of access. Here are some ideas for using Excel on the cloud. Dropbox is another useful tool.
  • Geckoboard — This is a versatile tool that will even let you import your Google Sheets or Excel data to create the nice visuals you miss with plain spreadsheets. So if you prefer the spreadsheet route, this will spice up your data for easy consumption and understanding.

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