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Top 10 Tech Gadget Gifts

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Gadgets so cool you’ll want to keep them for yourself

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The holidays are upon us!

No need to stress about those hard-to-shop-for people on your gift list. We’ve put together a list of our top 10 tech gadget gifts, so you’re sure to find something fun for everyone.

Each link goes to a product review, so you can see what real users think about the product.

Our top 10 tech gadgets

  1. The iPhone X and Android Google Pixel 2. These are definitely on the pricey side (the iPhone X runs about $1k, and the Android Google Pixel 2 is about $650), but if you’re looking for a practical gift that really makes someone feel spoiled — here’s your ticket. Both phones are on backorder, so you’ll want to order ASAP or make a nice IOU to stick in their stocking. The iPhone boasts a cool facial recognition unlock feature, and the Pixel has an amazing camera.
  2. Amazon Echo “Alexa” makes a great gift for busy cooks, stay-at-home parents, music lovers, and even the more forgetful people on your list (they might also make good use of item ten of our list!). The Echo listens for a keyword and responds with useful information, music and audiobooks, and list and note-taking services, and can even order items to be shipped to you. All hands-free.
  3. GoPro Hero6 This tiny, waterproof video camera is the ultimate gift for the adventurer in your life. It’s got the smoothest image and fastest WiFi (for transferring videos) out there.
  4. Nest Learning Thermostat If you have a new homeowner, or just a lover of home automation, on your list, check out the Nest. This smart home device connects to your phone (and can connect to Amazon Echo and Google Home) and learns your habits and comfort preferences. Nest can save you on utility bills by customizing itself to your needs.
  5. Ring 720p This cool gadget connects to your doorbell and sends live video to your smartphone when someone rings your bell, or when it detects motion. It also has 2-way audio, so you can talk to someone dropping off a package (or the kid who keeps messing with your wreath).
  6. Fitbit This fun little wrist-worn fitness tracker is great for the athletic people on your list, as well as those who are seeking to become more active in the coming year. The link above has the rundown on the many variations available.
  7. Kindle E-Reader Much like the Fitbits above, there are plenty of Kindle options available, so the link will give you a detailed look at each, but the Kindle is really a must-have for the readers on your list.
  8. Garmin Edge 1030 Another fun gadget for the outdoorsy types on your list, the new Edge is a GPS tool tailored to cyclists, hikers, runners, and backpackers.
  9. Nintendo Switch This mini console is perfect for kids and kids-at-heart, reviving nostalgic video games. It can be played on handheld mode or switch to connect to a TV. If you have a gaming family on your list, this great little gadget can be multi-player.
  10. Tile Mate Key FInder Remember that friend who’s always forgetting something? This is the gift for them. This tiny tile connects to a smartphone and makes finding lost keys a breeze. Depending on how forgetful your friend is, there are also Tile models to reveal lost phones and other small, easy-to-lose items.

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Have a wonderful holiday season!

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