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Time Frames That Office 365 Users Should Know

by | Jan 31, 2024 | All, tech tips, Tech-Tips | 0 comments

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SharePoint 93 days, OneDrive 30/93 days, Outlook 30 days

Wondering what these are? The answer is: They’re timelines that could help you prevent losing information if these applications are deleted. This lost information could mean missing out on opportunities, contact information, important legal information, and any files you could possibly have on these applications. 


You’re probably thinking, “If I deleted it, it’s for a reason, so who cares?” You should care. Accidental and malicious deletion occurs frequently in the workplace, whether it’s by a disgruntled worker that left the company or by Mary in accounting who accidentally deleted a purchase order because it got sent to her spam. The point is, corporate friendly fire is a real dilemma that occurs more often than you would think. 


What this means for you is that you need to have a safety net in place. It would be impossible to keep track of the endless countdowns that begin when an email is deleted. That’s why businesses using Office 365 are often turning to a backup solution to alleviate uneasiness over lost deleted information. But, if you’re a risk taker and opt to not put an Office backup solution in place, you may still be in the clear within these time periods. Read on for a more detailed explanation of each time frame.

Restoration Time Frames Per Microsoft

1200px-Microsoft_Office_SharePoint_(2018–present).svgSharePoint – Deleted items are kept for 93 days, unless the following occurs: Items are deleted from the Recycle Bin and site collection quota begins purging oldest items, or the items are manually deleted via your site collection administrator. If the latter happens, your items could be lost for good and sooner than the standard 93 days. Your only recourse  is to have your administrator reach out to Microsoft Support. They can restore the items, but they must do so within a 14-day window from the time of deletion.


1024px-Microsoft_Office_OneDrive_(2018–present).svgOneDrive – Users with a work or school account have 93 days before items are automatically deleted, unless an administrator changes this setting. If you are signed in to OneDrive with a Microsoft account, you only have 30 days until your recycle bin items are automatically deleted. Full recycle bins will delete items automatically, starting with the oldest, after just three days.


Outlook ImageOutlook – Files in your Deleted Item folder are recoverable for 30 days. If your administrator has created a policy that has changed this setting, you may have more or less time.


Is it worth the headache?

The risk of losing important Office 365 data is real. And if you’re lucky enough to recover it, the amount of time that it will cost you is significant. Is it really worth not having a safeguard in place? Most business owners have decided it isn’t worth the risk. With pricing as low as $5 per month per user, Varay’s Office 365 Cloud Backup makes having a solution in place as easy as sending out an email to your IT provider. Varay’s Office backup has proven to be the best solution for clients. It provides snapshots of everything from email folders to actual Teams conversations and calendar information. Businesses can now focus on growth and not on trying to retain important Office data.


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