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Is your technology roadworthy? Computer assessments for business continuity

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It’s just a fact of life… things eventually wear out and need to be replaced.


Depending on who you ask, conventional wisdom tells us to change the oil in our cars every several thousand miles…

…your toothbrush every two to three months…

…the batteries in your smoke detector twice annually…

…and your hairstyle every several years (but hey, you do you!).


Did you know that it’s also recommended to change your shower liner every three months?

To clean your coffee maker with vinegar every six months?

And to replace that bottle of ketchup in the fridge every nine to 12 months?


But what happens if you don’t keep up with the maintenance or replacement schedule?


It depends.


It could cause a BIG problem if you don’t change your car’s oil or replace smoke alarm batteries or a different kind of problem when you find yourself without ketchup for your burger!Old computer and calculator in an office that needs business technology management.


Taking assessments of things you use (and replacing them as needed) is important. For your tech infrastructure, business technology management helps keep you prepared.


Has it already been that long?!

It’s now been several years since the COVID-era mad dash to work from home. Lockdowns and toilet paper shortages are (thankfully) no longer at the forefront of our minds.


But many of the laptops and technology that enabled us to continue working in 2020 are now almost three years old — and may be starting to struggle. With the increased usage of memory-intensive applications like Microsoft Zoom and Teams, older computers may be starting to have a hard time keeping up.


What is business technology management?

Just like changing your car’s oil is vital to keeping it running smoothly and avoiding (costly) surprises, business technology management keeps a company’s technology and infrastructure running smoothly and effectively and avoids costly downtime and inefficiency.


Cars, your home, and keeping your refrigerator stocked all require regular maintenance. Things need to be assessed and monitored to ensure efficiency and to identify potential issues before they become problems.


In the same way that you plan when to change your car’s oil, businesses need to plan and budget for when it’s time to upgrade or replace their tech systems.


And like the costly engine damage that can occur when you wait too long to check your oil, failure to know the state of your business’s technology can result in risks to your data security, system failures, and downtime.


These unwelcome “drains” on your company can be minimized by knowing the state of your equipment, replacing technology as needed, and having a plan to keep your tech up-to-date.


Evaluating your inventory

Your technology equipment helps to keep your business up, running, and moving into the future. So how often should you take your inventory for an upgrade or replacement?


How often should I replace my computer?

At Varay, we suggest a five-year replacement cycle for most computers. “Budget-friendly” or “special offer” models are often lower quality and might need to be replaced sooner.


Sometimes, you don’t need a new computer — you just need more memory. Many desktop computers can “get up to speed” by installing more memory capability, but not all laptops support the needed upgrades.


How do I know if my computer needs to be replaced?

Great question!


Conducting regular assessments of your computers can help you determine their age, memory capacity, and processing capabilities. And knowing this information can help you plan for the future — and avoid unwanted and costly surprises.


An MSP (like Varay) can help you evaluate your infrastructure’s effectiveness with business technology management, research ways to save money on your IT, and make the best use of your resources.


The past several years have been challenging for businesses, and you might have delayed making needed technology purchases. While this is totally understandable, it might mean that you’re operating with outdated equipment! To prepare for the future (and ensure your business can continue operating when the “unexpected” happens), it is vital to have a business continuity plan.


This plan should take into consideration the capabilities and age of your technology and involve a timeline for upgrades and replacements.


Some of your older computers might need to be replaced, but others might have “more miles” left in them. Your MSP can help you prioritize purchases and stay within your budget.


Do all my employees need laptops?

Another good question!


In the pandemic “work-from-home” scramble, many businesses set up each employee with their own laptop. This might not be a necessary expense today. Utilizing business technology management can help you determine the best course of action.


Instead of maintaining laptops for everyone, think about which positions in your business really require their own computer. Since some employees are able to check emails and use basic apps on a tablet or smartphone, this might be a way to serve their needs and save money.


And we said it once (and will say it again!): A business continuity plan is a vital tool to address which technology is needed and how you will respond when the unexpected strikes. Having a plan can ensure your business stays operational, competitive, and prepared.

Efficiency of the team is the efficiency of the business technology management.

Being prepared is the best plan

Whether it’s staying current with oil changes, having what you need in your refrigerator, or ESPECIALLY having functional technology, preparedness is the best plan.


At Varay, we’d love to help your business assess your infrastructure, have the right tools to succeed, and be ready for whatever the future may bring.

Does your business have the tools it needs to meet future challenges? We make sure you’re prepared for success! Contact Varay for a free assessment.



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