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Switching IT companies is a hassle, but your new MSP can make it easy!

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Gloria’s experience with her current IT service provider has been…underwhelming. It seems that every time she needs them to take care of an IT issue, it takes them FOREVER to respond. Not only is the response time slow, but Gloria also feels overwhelmed trying to keep track of and manage her different services each time something goes awry. She is considering changing to a managed IT service provider (MSP). Gloria is tired of wondering how long it will take to get her IT problems addressed and sees the value of a streamlined managed IT service. But she is having a hard time deciding whether it’s really worth the hassle (and cost!) to switch IT companies.

If you are like Gloria and find yourself wondering, “Do all IT companies take so long to respond?” or “How do we organize and manage hundreds of IT services?!” That might be an indication that it’s time to change — your MSP should have guaranteed response times and manage your services for you!

Changing to the right MSP is a decision that can fuel growth in your business and alleviate stress through streamlining your service, but that change comes with predictable growing pains. If you know what frustrations you can expect in the adjustment period, it might make it easier to decide whether it’s worth the switch for your business.

Why can changing managed IT service providers be a hassle? (and what are the solutions to help during the adjustment period?)

In our experience as an MSP, we have noticed several common pain points that business owners experience when switching IT companies:

If you have never used a managed IT service before, it might take some time to adjust to a new way of doing IT. Many businesses use a break/fix model of IT service: a technician is called when something isn’t working, and they offer you several options for repair. Costs and service are unpredictable, and businesses often choose the lowest-cost repairs just to get things up and running again. Managed IT is an entirely different model than break/fix. Instead of calling in a tech when there is a problem, an MSP works to catch issues before they become problems. We do this through 24/7 monitoring, upgrading equipment, and trying to identify and address root issues to prevent issues. There are a lot of benefits that come from switching IT companies to a managed IT model, but it is different — and change can be stressful.

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The solution? Communication. Varay works with your business to develop a strategy to help you achieve your goals. We communicate the “whys” of changes and how those changes will help your business. And your point-person (client success manager) will help you learn to use any new tools, answer questions, and listen to your business’s changing needs.

  •  You get “sticker shock” from the up-front costs

We might be biased, but we think that managed IT is definitely worth it. However, it does come with up-front costs. In order to bring your IT service up to speed, it might be necessary to upgrade software, servers, and equipment — some of which you might not have even realized were outdated! Although Varay works with businesses to make budget-friendly improvements, these costs at the outset might cause a business to feel apprehension about switching IT companies.

The solution: again, communication. Let us know your budget, and we will work with your company to bring your business up to speed on a timeline that you can afford. We will recommend purchases that fit your needs (we won’t try to sell you a Cadillac when you need a Ford), and costs are predictable, so there won’t be any surprises.

  • Transition between MSPs can be messy

Unfortunately, when you change managed IT service providers, there might be messes that need to be cleaned up. Sometimes, an inefficient MSP can leave a business’ security and information in such a state of disrepair that it takes a while to sort it out. Maybe your old MSP was not forthcoming with information to help with the transition. Or perhaps they are simply uncooperative with the new MSP while the transition occurs.

Like cleaning out and organizing a messy garage, sometimes things look worse before they look better when your new MSP starts to get things in order. For instance, to get your garage organized, you might have to haul out 15 years of boxes and sort them in your driveway. Like delaying cleaning your garage, the thought of updating and streamlining your IT might cause you to put off changing MSPs because you dread the process of getting everything up to speed.

The solution? Communication and our Varay 411 Emails.

While we sort out any issues after switching IT companies, we will keep you “in the loop” about major changes we make, and explain why they are needed. Our 411 Emails are a powerful tool to inform clients of these major updates, changes in services, software updates and changes — and numbers to call when they need help.

  •  Changing old habits

Change is often frustrating, and this is especially true when it comes to how you do your job! Learning new systems, updating hardware and software, and beginning to use new cybersecurity measures like web filters and two-factor authentication might take some getting used to. Changing old habits (even if they were bad ones!) can feel like a hassle.

Our solution? Communication (can you tell we value communication?) and training. Although change might be frustrating, we work with you to identify habits that are inefficient or put your company’s information at risk. And we are available to answer questions about why these changes are needed and how to form these better habits. We work with IT decision makers to educate clients on how to use new tools, and we are creating a workflow to engage with the workforce as well — so that no one misses the memo.Mature smiling woman talking at video conference

Change is challenging, but we’ll be here to help

Like we mentioned before, we at Varay have seen these frustrations many times. We have worked with businesses who are switching IT companies, and have solutions to address the growing pains. Through open, proactive channels of communication, training, and our 411 Emails, we can help you through the period of adjustment to streamlined service. We will work with you every step of the way so that your business can have the freedom to excel and grow without worrying about IT issues.

For more information about starting the conversation about switching IT companies, check out our last blog post on “breaking up with your MSP.”


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