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Scan documents with this simple free app

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The perfect workaround if you don’t have a scanner.

Office Lens - Varay Managed IT Everyone has gone remote for the most part, and that means leaving

bulky office equipment behind while you work from home. Missing out on being able to use this hardware can create a mini-crisis or even downtime. But no worries — some of that bulky hardware can easily be replaced in the meantime with a simple app. For instance, scanning documents is a breeze with our new favorite app, Office Lens.

This all-in-one app is pretty impressive when you consider its multi-use capabilities with its Microsoft bloodlines, making it ultra compatible with Microsoft’s Suite. But even if you don’t have a Microsoft license, you can still benefit from its capabilities.

Here is what we like about Office Lens

  • Flattens images – Office Lens takes out the weird angles that taking a picture creates in other scanning apps and makes them disappear. This feature is also helpful when taking a photo of a whiteboard.


  • Whiteboard feature to capture meeting notes – Taking notes may be for some of your coworkers, but with Office Lens, you can stay more engaged in your meetings and save yourself five minutes of copy time.


  • Business card feature – Keep your newly acquired business cards from your last networking event organized by taking a simple picture.


  • No more lost receipts Get on the good side of your accounts receivable by having all of your business expense receipts readily available and email-attachable.


  • No license needed Not needing a Microsoft license makes this app easily accessible even for non-Office users.


  • It’s free – If it’s free, it’s for me. Even if this app weren’t free, I would still consider paying for its capabilities if scanning is an essential part of your day-to-day.


Where to download Office Lens

App Store Download

Android Download




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