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OneDrive ≠ backup: Here’s how you should protect your files

by | Jan 31, 2024 | All, backup,microsoft 365, Blogs | 0 comments

OneDrive is great, but don’t use it for backup. | Varay Managed IT, San Antonio & El PasoWhen you need to pull an important file, what do you do? Click on OneDrive? If that’s you, you’re in good company. In fact, we find that many great businesses rely on OneDrive as their primary source for document storage. The problem is: OneDrive isn’t backup.

And we’re not anti-OneDrive. It’s an awesome platform for file hosting and collaboration, and we recommend it to many of our clients. 

It’s just not intended for extended file storage and backup. Semantics play into the confusion here, as OneDrive is a cloud synch service (and it does provide 30 days of backup), so naturally many people assume that cloud = cloud storage = backup. But extended cloud storage is a whole different animal.


The worst case scenario (if OneDrive is your backup)

The primary perks of cloud storage are ease and speed of access and security. But, although OneDrive provides quick access across all of your devices, a cracked password or hacked credential can cause you to lose that easy access.

Even if your security isn’t compromised through a malicious act of cybercrime, there are other ways to lose OneDrive files if you don’t have them backed up elsewhere, like employee error and software issues. OneDrive isn’t backup, and there can be pretty severe consequences for using it that way.

The worst case scenario is clicking on to OneDrive one fine morning, and finding that — whether it’s due to a malware attack, user error, or a software problem — you’re not able to access vital data. This can cost you big time in:

  • Loss of client trust
  • Penalty fees for noncompliance
  • Downtime

Here’s what you should use for backup instead

Varay offers affordable, secure backup solutions through our V-Protect™ Office 365 Cloud Backup services. These services allow you to continue using your amazingly convenient OneDrive accounts to collaborate and file share, while upgrading your level of security and reliable access to data.

If you just need a basic mailbox backup, Varay can protect and store your data for only $2.50 a month. But you can’t beat the value of our all-apps package that will backup all of your apps for just $5 a month.

V-Protect™ Office 365 Cloud Backup (all-app package) gives you:

  • Full restoration of sites, subsites, lists, mailboxes, OneDrive for business accounts, and Office 365 Groups
  • Granular restoration of emails, files, versions, list items, and conversations
  • Point-in-time restoration of your mailboxes and OneDrive for business accounts
  • HIPAA-compliant storage
  • Up to six backups a day

Sign up for Varay’s V-Protect™ Office365 Backup today

OneDrive is great, but OneDrive isn’t backup. Take the next step in securing your business’s daily operations so you can continue to grow. Click here to backup your data and protect your access to the information you rely on.


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