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Making the switch to Outlook and Office 365? Varay can help!

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A switch to Outlook can improve your business communications and raise productivity. | Varay Managed IT, San Antonio & El PasoAre you considering making the switch to Outlook and Office 365 but afraid of losing your access to Gmail? You don’t have to be. Microsoft’s Office 365 allows integration of Gmail into Outlook for a smoother business experience. You will still get all of your important emails and data even after you have migrated to Office 365. Syncing your Gmail with Outlook is all that’s needed.

If you’re currently using another SaaS platform (Software-as-a-Service), you might have to make careful considerations to ensure that no data is lost during migration. Since email is a core part of most business operations, your migration should be heavily focused on this area. Big companies with their own IT departments can easily do this, but smaller businesses find that it’s much more cost-effective to rely on managed IT service providers such as Varay for a totally hands-free setup.

Now, why should you switch to Outlook and Office 365? Outlook offers a simple yet intuitive and completely functional user interface that anyone can easily understand. And Office 365 delivers a far more seamless experience for both you and your customers when compared to other business optimization tools.

Here are some more benefits to using Office 365:

  1. You can get access to feature-rich applications when you switch to Outlook and Office 365 | Varay Managed IT, San Antonio & El PasoFunctionality of applications – A switch to Office 365 means access to all of Microsoft’s Office apps, which are still the most feature-rich in the market, especially the desktop versions. This is due to Microsoft’s decades-long expertise in the development of applications and the result of years of listening to user feedback.
  2. Familiarity of use – Microsoft’s products are more widely adopted and used. So although collaboration tools such as Skype may not provide as seamless an experience as those from other platforms, ultimately, it’s the number of people that are comfortable using these tools that must be considered.
  3. Scalability – The platform can grow with you. You can create custom solutions for each person or department in your company. You can simply add more users as your business grows, so there is no need to work with new systems or tools every time you expand.
  4. Accessibility – You can access all pertinent information from whatever location you are in, as long as you are connected to the internet. You can share, collaborate, and communicate with anyone in real time.
  5. Currency – Because Office 365 is in the Cloud, you will have access to new features and capabilities instantly. There are no patches to download, and each upgrade will be available to you as soon as they launch.
  6. Cost-effectivity – There is no hardware to run and maintain when you’re using the Office because it’s on the Cloud. You save on both energy and space. And since it’s subscription-based, you don’t need to produce hefty upfront fees because you are essentially leasing its use, not buying it.
  7. Security – Office 365 has plenty of built-in security features to keep all of your data secure. It allows Multi-Factor Authentication to be enabled for all user passwords and will encrypt messages, manage mobile devices, analyze and detect suspicious activities, and monitor email messages. It will also enlist all of Microsoft’s malware, spam, and virus detection tools for scanning all attachments, emails, and documents.

Make your switch to Outlook and Office 365 now.

Whether you need to improve productivity, enhance data security, or increase support for your collaborative abilities, Office 365 will deliver the perfect solutions for all of your business optimization needs. Contact us to find out how we can help you make the move.

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