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Learning Management Systems 101

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Supercharge productivity and team morale with an LMS

E-learning written on tablet, laptop, and mobile phone with a learning management system | Varay, El Paso

Imagine if you had to schedule time to surf LinkedIn or Facebook, and when your scheduled time arrived you had to be at a certain location, on a specific device. And someone needs to coordinate with you to track your time.

Would you enjoy using LinkedIn or Facebook? Probably not!

But this is how many organizations provide employee trainings, with time and accessibility constraints that hamper team morale and create extra work for everyone.

Though training is rarely going to be as fun as a “what potato are you?” quiz, you can help your team gain those vital skills with the same accessibility that makes social media and networking so pleasant.


Make trainings more enjoyable (for you)

Woman taking online training course through an LMS | Varay, El PasoLearning management systems (LMS) offer the same ease and accessibility that make social media so carefree to use. This software makes it possible to assign, track, and create (or use pre-written) workforce training that’s for both you and your team to access when and where you need to.

The end result for you is a more effective, productive, and happy team that makes fewer costly mistakes.

With an LMS, you eliminate the time and hassle of DIY employee trainings, like:

  • Creating physical materials
  • Scheduling and conducting in-person trainings
  • Managing the logistics like conference rooms and supplies
  • Finding ways to get new hires up to speed
  • Tracking everyone’s progress
  • Forgotten deadlines for compliance and recertifications

Unlike traditional training methods, a learning management system is purely digital, so once you develop or access the coursework your organization needs, employee access and your analytics are just a few clicks away. And you can set your schedule far ahead of time so important trainings don’t fall through the cracks.


Common elements among learning management systems

As you start to look into LMS options, you’ll find there are hundreds of options, but these are some common useful features that many different brands leverage:

Cluttered business desk with the word simplify | Varay, El PasoParticipation via mobile phone, tablets, or desktop computers

Digital invitations, rosters, course uploads, scheduling, tests, and deadlines

Continual progress tracking

Automatic scores or grading

Communication via messages, chat, and discussion


If you’re in a specialized field, like the government, for example, there may be LMS programs and levels of security tailored specifically for you, but most are flexible for a broad range of organizations.


Who uses LMSs?

Large consulting corporations were the earliest adopters of LMS software, but as technology improves, small to medium sized businesses are finding that digitizing their workforce training is simple and economical for their needs as well.

If you spend any time training or certifying partners, vendors, or employees, it’s worth a little research to see if an LMS would make your job simpler.

For organizations within the healthcare industry, an LMS is a pretty clear choice, due to the complex nature of medical care (device usage, protocol and procedures) and HIPAA.

On a less conventional note, some companies leverage LMSs to educate their customers as well. We see this in the software industry, where consumers can benefit from tutorials before making the most of the product they purchased. Family resource programs (parenting classes, special needs trainings, etc.) also use non-employee training through learning management systems.

If non-employee training is part of your work, look into LMS options to make your information easier to access and track.


Varay is here to help you grow

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