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How to Make KPIs Work for You

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A look at how Varay uses KPIs to get better with every service call

KPI | Varay, El Paso IT service technician

How many service calls do you receive each day?

How many customers do you and your staff interface with daily?

Imagine the possibilities if every single business call and service made your company better — better at achieving your strategic goals, and better at serving your clients.

Just another day in the office for Varay.

We use strategic, acute Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to make the most of every single IT service call that comes in, and we get real-time visuals of how effective we are every single day.

How we dashboard KPIs at a company-wide level

Though there are several great ways to track your KPIs, our KPI dashboard of choice right now is Klipfolio.

At Varay, we like intuitive, appealing visuals that allow us to take in a glimpse our recent performance and long-term success in meeting our company goals.

One great thing about a cloud-based dashboarding app is that the whole team can see wins (and losses) in real-time. We stay on our toes, and always have a clear objective before us with each and every service call.

What kind of KPIs does Varay use?

We gauge customer satisfaction with a 1-4 scale survey that accompanies each service ticket. As soon as the client enters that data, the whole office sees a live feed of their rating and any accompanying comments the client gives.

KPI dashboard | Varay, El PasoPerhaps the biggest complaint about IT providers is that they fail to answer or show up in a reasonable time-frame. To address this problem, we created a “time to response” KPI based on the severity (decided by the client and Varay in our service level agreement) of each call.

Our clients appreciate having a clear, trustworthy expectation as to when they’ll have their IT problem fixed, and we track that KPI objective closely and move mountains to meet it.

KPIs for individual technicians

Performance feedback is one of our core values. If you don’t know where you stand within a company, it’s hard to improve or maintain a strong performance.

Our technicians receive weekly feedback based on the customer satisfaction KPI data we collect with each service ticket.

We work to mentor our staff with the help of this feedback, and because we communicate our strategic objectives and KPIs regularly, we have some truly exceptional technicians going out there to put out IT fires with solid solutions.

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