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Formula One Monitoring

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The digital age of racing and business

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Sensors, cutting-edge software, control centers with more monitors than eyeballs to watch them — Formula One racing has grabbed technology by the horns and reached an unprecedented level of speed and potential.

Constant, sophisticated monitoring has changed the Formula One racing scene forever, and it can do the same for your business.
Business in the digital world can feel like it’s racing ahead, but Varay is here as a trusted partner to help you make the most of today’s security and monitoring technology.

What does Varay have in common with racing?

Formula One teams are chock-full of tech experts who have two priorities constantly in mind:

  1. Protecting the driver
  2. Analyzing constant data to perfect the driver’s race

One of the most competitive components in the new age of racing is constant, ultra-sensitive monitoring and diagnostics.
Technicians collect an enormous real-time stream of data to help the driver manage risks and make smart decisions.

Much like the Formula One teams, we have two priorities as we give your business an edge:
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  1. Varay puts first priority on your security. We use best-of-breed antivirus and backup solutions to secure your important data.
  2. We also use sophisticated monitoring to identify risks and threats to your network, so your business can stay on track with the best possible advantages.

We can also protect your business with compliance strategies

Speaking of security: There’s no need to wonder if you’re in full compliance with HIPAA or PCI compliance standards.

Varay’s team of IT security consultants will help you identify and meet full requirements that apply to you and devise a compliance program that fits your business.

We’ll also find an efficient and effective way to ensure that you maintain compliance for the long haul.

How can we help secure you?

Contact us today to set up a free non-intrusive audit and zero in on your business’s areas of vulnerability and strength. We look forward to helping you race ahead of your competition.

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