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Don’t Make This Mistake When Cleaning Out Old Hardware

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Disposing of old computers the safe way | Varay, San Antonio and El Paso The year is winding down, you had a free afternoon, and you finally excavated the floor of your old computer closet. Congratulations are in order! But don’t call it a day just yet. Never make the mistake of forgetting to wipe data from your old hardware before you donate, sell, or throw it out.

Old hardware is a treasure trove for cybercriminals seeking data. But securing your business’s old computers and devices is easy, and it’s worth it to ensure your organization’s safety.

We’ll give you the lowdown on how to wipe data from your old hardware, and what you can do with it once it’s ready to dispose of.

*Spoiler alert*: there’s one option that will wipe the data for you and take it off your hands.


What you need to know about wiping data off old hardware

While it’s important to wipe data off your old office PCs, keep in mind that anything with a driver can have data on it. This includes old mobile phones, printers, scanners, and external hard drives.

You can wipe data off old hardware through a commercial service, or in-house, but it can get expensive to go these routes. Goodwill industries provides a free data-wipe service when you donate your old hardware, and they’ll even pick it up for you.

Another (inexpensive) proactive step you can take to keep your data safe is to start encrypting your current and new hard drives. If you’re data is encrypted, you can dispose of it without the data-wipe step.


Where to take old equipment

You don’t have to throw out your back tossing ancient PCs into the dumpster! Here are a few alternatives for unloading your old hardware once you’ve wiped your data:

  • Sell it on eBay or Craigslist.
  • Give it a second life by donating to a charitable organization (remember, Goodwill will pick it up and wipe the data).
  • Call your local recycling center to see if they have a special hardware receptacle.


Want to know more? Here’s a more in-depth look at your options for getting rid of old hardware.


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