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Don’t fear disconnection with a backup internet connection.

by | Jan 31, 2024 | All, backup,business,internet,office to home, Blogs | 0 comments

The internet was already an important part of life before February 2020. (Was that only seven months ago?) But now it feels like it’s grown even more essential. 

As our world embraced a work-from-home atmosphere seemingly overnight, our internet connections became vital in keeping us connected and working. And while before we could rationalize slow internet connections and minimal outages, albeit through gritted teeth, now those simple interruptions can literally affect our livelihood. 

We can’t let that happen. 

While working from home has drastically changed many amenities we took for granted in the office, there’s one expense we believe is more than a luxury for your home workspace — and yes, we are talking about a backup internet connection. Whether you’re an employer looking for safe solutions for your remote team, or a remote employee trying to find sustainable solutions for your new at-home environment, we want to walk you through the importance of a backup internet connection. 

Most people instantly dismiss the idea of a backup internet connection because of the assumed expense. We’re not here to pretend it’s free, but we do want to shed some light on why it’s so important, now more than ever. 


What is a backup internet connection? Black and white icon of a laptop with an internet symbol above it.

A backup internet connection is just what it sounds like — a secondary network connection that allows you to continue accessing the internet if your primary connection experiences an outage. 

Most businesses have backup internet connections set up in their offices without a second thought, because it’s a no-brainer that the work must continue even if the WiFi gets knocked out. However, when the team is spread out and working remotely, employers struggle to see the value of a secondary network connection when their staff can no longer share the same one. 


Do I really need a backup internet connection working remotely? 

Your team members’ chances of experiencing internet outages from home are higher than experiencing an outage at the office. Most likely, their at-home WiFi networks aren’t as strong or secure as the office networks to begin with, because they haven’t had to be before this point. 

Secondly, remote employees can be spread across cities, states, and countries, so each team member is experiencing radically different network bandwidth capabilities working from home. 


What are my options? 

Now, as a small business owner, you may not be able to offer your team members a backup internet connection, particularly in this difficult time. Everyone’s work-from-home budget is different, and that’s OK! 

If you’re reading this as a remote team member who’s trying to convince your boss of the importance of a backup internet connection, know that your employers may not be able to compensate you for this service even when they see its value. However, whether you’re a business owner, remote team member, or anything in between, there are still viable secondary network options available to you:

  • Mobile hotspot: This is an option you and your team members probably already use when the internet connection goes down at home. It’s typically affordable as team members are most likely already paying for a cell phone plan, but some people may need to upgrade in order to have an adequate hotspot connection. It’s a good temporary solution, but we do recommend implementing a sturdier backup internet connection. 
  • Google Fiber: This internet service is affordable, offers high-quality internet access, and is a great option for remote businesses. 
  • Cell phone carrier network services: Most major cell phone carriers offer internet service plans in addition to their mobile service packages. Check with your mobile provider to see if you can bundle internet services into your current cell phone plan for a reliable (and affordable) backup internet connection.

We’re here to make sure you and your remote team are set up for success, and we know that means incorporating a backup internet connection that meets everyone’s individual needs. If you have questions or concerns in setting up a backup internet connection, don’t hesitate to contact Varay today — we’re here to help! 

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