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How to “V” confident your business can meet cybersecurity challenges

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Reading the news has made Sandi nervous about cybersecurity — and how an attack could affect her business.

It seems that every month, she hears about another business owner losing money, their reputation, or both — because they weren’t prepared. She hasn’t yet faced a serious challenge to her data security, but knows that her business needs protection.

But with various plans and levels of protection — which level of IT support does she need to stay secure?


A plan to face the challenge

At Varay Managed IT, we’re serious about cybersecurity and providing proactive service to meet the needs of businesses. Our V-Select, V-Remote, and V-Complete tiers of service provide quality IT support at the level you need.


But like Sandi, you might not know which level of IT support you need!


The shifting challenges of cybersecurity

Just for fun, let’s have a pop quiz. (Are pop quizzes ever fun?)


How would you answer this question?


In today’s business cybersecurity climate, which is the most important to prevent cyber attacks?

  1. Firewalls
  2. Dark-web monitoring
  3. Anti-virus software
  4. Multi-Factor Authentication


(Cue Jeopardy theme music…)


Okay, time’s up.

Which did you choose?


Businesses need varying levels of IT support, but really — ALL of these are very important tools that every business should implement in their cybersecurity strategy.


Firewalls, dark-web monitoring, current anti-virus software (URL monitoring, up-to-date equipment, and more) have been trusted elements in a managed IT provider’s (MSP) toolbox for a long time.


But, to really address the cyber security needs of today’s businesses, even “D. All of the above” isn’t sufficient.


The best answer is:


  1. If you’re only asking about prevention, you’re asking the wrong question.


Prevent Plan for attacks

The IT needs of 20 years ago are very different from those of today. As Patrick, the president of Varay Managed IT, remembers, “When I started in this industry, everything was hourly billing. I was basically just waiting for people to call because they had a problem and so many things could have been prevented.”


We’ve written (a lot) about the value of proactive service instead of just waiting for things to go wrong and fixing them. Whatever the level of IT support, your IT should focus on taking care of potential issues BEFORE they’re big problems. This shift from reactive to proactive service is a core value of quality MSPs).

Soccer formation tactics are like a plan in the levels of IT support

But in the past several years, there has been another paradigm shift.


As Patrick explains, the question is no longer only about preventing attacks — it’s “What’s my plan to quickly and effectively respond if someone gets through our defenses?”


It’s a sobering reality that sooner or later, you or someone you know will have their credentials (or systems!) compromised.

If you work in certain industries or handle government data, certain compliance standards must be followed. And with the rise of ransomware and sponsored cyberattacks, the need for great defenses AND a disaster/continuity plan has never been higher.


You might be saying, “Okay. I understand my business needs to start taking cybersecurity seriously. But how can I make sure I’m getting a plan with the levels of IT support that I need for my business?


SO glad you asked!


Varay’s 3 tiered model of IT service

At Varay, we understand that the best offense is not only a defense, but a plan.


Regardless of the level of IT support, we make sure that we’re monitoring, patching, securing, and backing up the data for all of our clients. We provide proactive service — for us, that’s a non-negotiable.


But we do offer three different tiers of support in our IT model:

  1. V-Care Select
  2. V-Care Remote
  3. V-Care Complete


What’s the difference? (We don’t want you to “V” confused. Sorry, had to…)


V-Care Select:

Select is our baseline IT package. With Select, we deploy our essential tools:

  • Monitoring
  • Patching (making sure software updates that “patch holes” found in your tech’s security are current and installed)
  • Securing (using tools like firewalls, DNS filtering, and staff training to identify common threats like phishing)
  • Data backup (keeping data secure and accessible in the cloud or on-premise servers)


However with Select, all other services are billed hourly. This is a great solution for businesses needing a baseline level of IT support.


V-Care Remote:

Unlike the IT of the past, we now have the tools and infrastructure to take care of many IT needs remotely.


Our Remote package features all the essential tools of V-Care Select — but with unlimited remote support.


V-Care Remote is a great option for businesses with a remote office structure, or as a supplement to a company’s internal IT department.


V-Care Complete:

With our comprehensive Complete package, a business can count on all the essential tools listed above, plus unlimited on-site IT support.


V-Care Complete provides top-of-the-line coverage — so your business can confidently face any issue the cyberworld brings.


 Young confident businesswoman understanding levels of IT support


The right tools to meet your business’s needs

Whether it’s from a cyberthreat, flood, fire, or human error — it’s important that you’re ready and have a plan. With Varay’s V-Care options, you can “V” confident that your business has the right tools to thrive — come what may.


Three tiers of IT support! Hip, hip Varay!

Are you wondering which V-Care package is best for your business? Contact Varay today for a free assessment.



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