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Cutting Your IT Costs in Five Steps

by | Jan 31, 2024 | All, healthcare IT | 0 comments

Do you need to save money on your IT costs? If so, here are five things you can discuss with your IT provider: be practical, be creative, invest in training, consider enterprise-directed IT, and consider long-term costs and benefits. Below we discuss each in more detail.

  1. Be practical. Extend the life of existing systems to help you get the most out of their value.

  2. Be creative. Think outside the box. You might allow doctors and nurses to use their own smart phones and tablets on the job, foster development of your own apps, and leverage inexpensive cloud services, such as Google Apps.

  3. Invest in training. It’s easy to underestimate the cost savings associated with training—and the easier a system is to use, the less training you’ll need to provide.

  4. Consider enterprise-directed IT. Much of the technology that’s interesting and cost effective right now isn’t consumer directed – it’s enterprise directed.

  5. Consider long-term costs and benefits. With new technologies popping up left and right, choosing the right ones is critical. Those that protect against data breaches, for example, may be the most important given that a recent ID Experts and Ponemon Institute report found data breaches in U.S. healthcare organizations have cost providers more than $6 billion a year.

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