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Case Study: Fox Auto Group Eliminates Internet Downtime and Creates Business Expansion

by | Jan 31, 2024 | All, Blogs, case studies | 0 comments

    About Fox Auto Group



Fox Auto Group is a second-generation family-owned auto dealership that proudly serves the El Paso community. The company has franchises with Toyota, Lexus, and Acura and has recently expanded their Acura franchise to a new location with the help of Varay. Paige Fox is the company’s Managing Director and has worked with Fox Auto since 2016.

After years of dealing with constant technological issues that impeded their customer satisfaction, team morale, and income, Paige and her team were ready to find long-lasting solutions with a high-end professional IT management company.


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Paige Fox, Managing Director of Fox Auto Group


With their previous IT management company, Fox Auto experienced constant IT issues. No recommendations were made on how to improve their IT systems, resulting in slow, out-dated, and unreliable technology that frustrated customers and employees. Fox Auto was concerned about the financial investment of upgrading IT services until IT issues led to a loss of income.


Varay quickly and expertly brought Fox Auto’s IT systems and technology up-to-date. Their incredibly responsive team finds long-term solutions that resolve current and future problems. Varay’s consulting approach allowed them to truly listen to Fox Auto’s needs and implement IT processes that support their company vision.


Varay has eliminated Fox Auto’s internet downtime and severely limited downtime with their phones. Fox Auto’s email system is now secure and reliable, and they can track inbound and outbound calls for better customer service. The company is insulated against cybersecurity attacks to protect sensitive customer data. “Varay always exceeds our expectations.”

Paige’s experience working for a car manufacturer before joining her family’s business allowed her to immediately recognize the outdated technology and equipment permeating the company. She felt a keen sense of responsibility to protect her customer’s sensitive information, so cybersecurity had to become an immediate priority. 

However, the IT management company Fox Auto partnered with at the time didn’t share her urgency. “Our hardware, security, and responsiveness were lacking and outdated,” Paige says, as the company implemented what she described as a “reactive vs. active” approach to IT management. “I would say 90% of our hardware before Varay was severely outdated.” 

Fox Auto experienced significant downtime with their internet and phones, and employees experienced constant technical issues that Paige — and only Paige  — could bring to their IT manager’s attention. She was often met with the response, “We’ll get to you when we get to you.”

Before the rest of Fox Auto was ready to make the switch, Paige met with Patrick, the owner of Varay Managed IT. She immediately felt like he understood Fox Auto’s needs, problems, and frustrations and saw that he could provide lasting solutions for her business. However, the other members of Fox Auto experienced “sticker shock” at the financial investment required to bring their IT systems up-to-date and responded, “Nothing’s happened to us, so why do we need to change anything?” 

 “Our business is not IT. Our business is to sell cars. I felt that myself and other associates were forced to tackle IT issues on a daily basis.” – Paige Fox

Paige and Patrick stayed in contact until the rest of the company was ready to switch services in February of 2019:

“We had our internet go down for three days, and it was horrible. We lost a lot of income.”

Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 9.56.29 PM   Front view of Fox Acura Dealership in El Paso

“The peace of mind that I have now compared to before is so nice. I can understand the anxiety of switching IT systems and the financial aspects of making the change, but Varay really will give you peace of mind.”

– Paige Fox

Fox Auto Group’s choice to partner with Varay provided immediate results for their company growth.

The onboarding process was challenging due to Fox Auto’s outdated hardware and IT systems, but Varay patiently and skillfully brought their technology up-to-date. “Varay took a timeline approach,” Paige explains. “They didn’t do everything at once and disrupt our team. A lot of these things were going to cost a lot of money, so they were really mindful of that, too. They found solutions that worked financially for our company.”  

First and foremost, Paige appreciated Varay’s strong focus on cybersecurity and risk management. Varay prioritizes and implements excellent risk-management strategies that truly protect the sensitive customer information Fox Auto handles.

Additionally, it’s now rare for anyone in Fox Auto to experience IT issues. “Varay takes the proactive approach instead of the reactive approach,” Paige says. “Since Varay has taken over our IT management, we haven’t had any downtime with our internet. They notice in advance if anything’s off with our server and fix the issue remotely before it affects us.” This has massively enhanced Fox Auto’s efficiency, customer satisfaction, and employee productivity. 

Varay’s support desk also empowers Fox Auto’s associates to reach out and get IT issues resolved, alleviating Paige’s massive burden of being the only accessible point of contact. “Our company is healthier and happier,” Paige goes on. “And even during COVID-19, Varay made adjustments on how they managed our IT, but it didn’t affect our business or end customers at all.”

What’s the number one reason Paige recommends Varay? Easy — their customer service. “They make you feel like you’re their most important client. They have many other clients, but you would never guess.”

We are always honored to help businesses like Fox Auto Group grow through our professional IT management services. Contact Varay today to learn more about how Varay can bring peace of mind to you and your business!”

Written by

Amanda at Varay


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