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Can Your Microwave Listen to You?

by | Jan 31, 2024 | All, Blogs, cybersecurity,security | 0 comments

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It’s a great time to be alive.

Not only do we have cutting-edge smart devices to make everyday duties more convenient, we also have a slew of fun and sometimes creepy theories about vulnerabilities and even large-scale conspiracies that may or may not actually come hidden with our devices.

Here’s a look at a current question about smart device security, and our take on whether the microwave oven surveillance theory actually holds water… or just popcorn.

How much does your microwave know about you?

Theories about kitchen appliances spying on average Joes have been around for some time, as have a plethora of interesting microwave related myths, but more people are giving the old zapper the side-eye in the wake of recent comments by a certain politically active media figure.

The gist of the theory goes something like this: many home appliances can be fitted with cameras or microphones to transmit your private conversations to interested parties.

So can your microwave spy on you?
The short answer is no. Though anything in your home or business could potentially be fitted with surveillance equipment, it would require quite an investment on the part of someone who really wanted to surveil your particular conversations.

However, it’s a good reminder that we’re constantly surrounded by internet-connected ears and eyes.
Smart TVs, phones, fridges, cameras, and a host of other smart devices are capable (keyword: capable) of listening or watching in without your knowledge.

But we’ve got another good reminder for you: the devices have to be targeted and hacked to give unintended ears and eyes access to their data.

And you can, and should, secure your smart devices to prevent this kind of intrusion. Smart device security really comes down to the integrity of the companies who manufacture them and the diligence of the user.

You can feel safe if you secure your devices

Whether or not you’re ready to trust your microwave, Varay is here as a trusted partner to help keep you and your business secure.

Contact us today to set up a free, non-intrusive analysis to check for areas of vulnerability with your smart devices. We look forward to making all of your connections safe and secure.

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