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Breaking up is hard. Here’s how to soften the blow with your old MSP.

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It’s time.

You’ve been growing apart for awhile.

You’ve changed.

It’s time to break it off and start seeing someone new.

We’re talking, of course, about switching your managed IT service provider (MSP).

If you have an MSP that is meeting your needs, that’s great! You can skip the rest of this blog post.

But what if you are not satisfied with your IT service and aren’t sure how to start the break-up conversation?

Sometimes the conversation is easy (like when you’re dealing with an unresponsive MSP) and you don’t have to think twice about how to fire your IT company. Like our client, Cibolo Nature Center, it was obvious that it was high time to find a new Managed IT service provider.

However, the decision is not always so clear-cut.

Perhaps you have realized that your business has outgrown the service that your current MSP can provide. Maybe you have a nagging feeling that you’re not getting the best service for your small business.

What about when you have a friendly relationship with your MSP, but they aren’t what is best for your business?

Patrick, the owner of Varay Managed IT, has seen this scenario play out before. He remembers one client who had already reached out to Varay to become their managed IT service provider, but put off telling his old MSP because he felt bad.

If this sounds familiar, take a deep breath, and we’ll give you a pep talk to help you move forward.


How to fire your IT company (the nice way)

pasted image 0 (2)It’s rarely easy to end a relationship. Most of us don’t enjoy having difficult conversations. However, business owners do what’s best for their business. As cliche as it might sound, it’s truly not personal — it’s business. And people in a healthy professional relationship understand this.

As uncomfortable as the conversation might be to have, it is this brief, pivotal step that allows both of you to move on and grow.

The conversation can be as simple as:

  • Letting them know that your business is moving in another direction with IT service
  • Recognizing any achievements they helped your business reach
  • Thanking them for their time working with your business

While this might be awkward, the real work comes in the transition in switching IT companies.

That is where we can help.

Once you make the decision, we will shoulder the stress of moving forward. We will handle the transfer of data, passwords, and information securely. And we will sort out any problems your old MSP left behind. Don’t let “not knowing how to fire your IT company” keep you from getting the best service for your small business.

Small Business IT Support

As Patrick, owner of Varay, puts it, “The transition in the relationship is our problem. We are familiar with having these conversations with other IT companies, and we can take the stress off of a business owner by handling the transition.”

Business people working togetherWe will pick up wherever the previous IT provider left off and develop a customized strategy to meet your current needs as a small business and anticipate future growth. We will work with your business through frustrations during the adjustment period and use methods to make the transition to streamlined service as smooth as possible.

Wondering what frustrations to expect when switching IT companies? Check out this blog post.

Getting your IT where it needs to be is our job. We will handle the transfer of information and get your hardware, software, and cybersecurity in top shape. And we will work with you and your employees to make the journey through the growing pains as seamless as possible so that you can achieve your goals.

If you’ve decided that it’s time to “break up” with your old MSP, contact Varay for a free consultation, and let us help you to begin the conversation.


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