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Are Your Smart Devices Really Secure?

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Secure smart devicesIn a world where you can just tap a few buttons or say a few words to water your lawn from miles away, or order a few odd sundries to show up at your door, you have to wonder just what else our smart devices are hearing.

If you’re not following the WikiLeaks saga, they recently made an allegation that the government has used hacks into Samsung smart TVs to spy on people.

And why not? Internet-connected smart devices can and have been hacked since the day they appeared on the market.

Why would someone hack little ol’ me?

Unless there’s some reason for higher powers to be interested in you, the groups you’re most likely to get hacked by are:

  1. People interested in collecting ransom or blackmailing you with your data
  2. People looking for a quick buck via your financial info or passwords
  3. People with nothing better to do

There are even creepy websites where bored hackers post their “conquests” — the live camera feeds of random unlucky targets who didn’t secure their devices.

The takeaway: Change your password

Secure smart devicesSo how do you go about securing your smart devices?

The first rule of smart device security is this: If it comes with a default password, change it, and change it to something good. Or better yet, consider two factor identification (2FA). Google and many other companies now make 2FA available, and it’s the best way to secure a login.

There are also some good password management services that can generate long, random strings of characters, and then remember them for you.

Of course, you’ll want to do a little research until you feel confident in the security of the password manager you’re considering.

While you’re at it, create a complex password for your wi-fi. If it’s been a while, go ahead and update your passwords.

These steps will set you miles ahead of most smart device users.

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